9 Best Places To Buy Pants With Suspender Buttons

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Suspenders come in clip-on and button varieties nowadays, but if you’ve purchased a classic pair of suspenders, you’ll most likely need to secure these to your pants with buttons. It can sometimes be incredibly tricky to find pants of this style, so many people even resort to sewing their own buttons on to wear their new suspenders. However, if you can’t sew buttons on yourself, you’ll be relieved to know there are some great stores available online to buy pants with suspender buttons nowadays.

Suspender buttons are often found on tuxedo pants or vintage-style clothing. Depending on the look you are going for, you’ll find an option on our list today to create your desired appearance. You’ll notice quite a few of the stores listed below offer tailoring services, which allow you to add buttons on when you customize your new pants. While you may consider this to be a luxury purchase, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out how affordable custom pants are nowadays. Keep reading to discover ten great places to buy pants with suspender buttons.

1. SuitSupply

Suitsupply offers a full range of menswear, and not just suits as their title may suggest.

Their tuxedo pants are your best option for pants with suspender buttons, and you’ll find these in a whole range of colors and materials.

The great thing about Suitsupply is the ability to customize your purchase on their site. Their in-store tailoring experts allow you to alter any of the items in their stores to fit you perfectly. This service takes between thirty minutes and three days and is an affordable option for anyone looking to enjoy clothing that fits well.

If you don’t find a pair of ready-to-wear pants with suspender buttons that fit your needs, why not opt for a custom-made pair of pants? Suitsupply creates custom-made pieces from scratch, which take just two to three weeks to be ready. With over one hundred options to choose from and a thousand different British and Italian fabrics, you’ll be able to create the perfect pair of pants to match your new suspenders.

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2. Historical Emporium

If you are looking to add suspenders to your outfit to create a unique style or appearance, you may like the pants available from Historical Emporium.

For anyone who enjoys quirky, vintage clothing, you’ll love browsing through their selection of menswear, which will help you stand out from the crowd.

Their Classic Men’s Trousers and Vigilante Pants offer traditional suspender buttons, which are ideal for attaching suspenders of any color onto.

By branching out to include vintage fashion within your search for pants with suspender buttons, you’ll find far more options available than just relying on regular stores.

These pants look very similar to classic pants but are geared up to pair perfectly with suspenders. You’ll also find some funky colors and designs, which you could wear with a bold pair of suspenders for a special occasion.

3. Indochino

Indochino offers a full range of high-quality menswear, including pants, suits, and casual wear. They offer a full custom clothing service, so it’s ideal for anyone looking for the perfect pair of pants with suspender buttons.

If you enjoy wearing stylish clothing for work and leisure, you’ll love the range of pants at Indochino, which offer classic and modern options.

The customization service allows you to add suspender buttons to any pants, so you can enjoy wearing suspenders during formal or casual occasions.

With their customized clothing, you’ll also enjoy free shipping, and your items will be dispatched within just four weeks.

4. Black Lapel

Black Lapel offers classic men’s tuxedo dress pants, which are the perfect match for a pair of suspenders.

You’ll find these items are available to customize when you finalize your purchase, so you can ensure your buttons are included with your pants.

When it comes to pairing suspenders with pants, you’ll want to ensure you find a pair of pants that fit your body well. There’s nothing worse than baggy or ill-fitting pants, which can leave you looking a bit like a clown.

Black Lapel offers formal pants that are expertly cut, so you can rest easy knowing you’ll look good in your new pair of pants.

5. Alan David

Alan David offers a full selection of men’s pants, which are ideal for pairing with suspenders.

Suspender buttons are included in a variety of styles in their store, and you can fully customize your next pair of pants.

Made in the USA, their products place emphasis on the construction of the clothing item. This means you’ll enjoy a long-lasting pair of pants that you can wear with your suspenders for years to come.

By opting for custom pants to wear with your suspenders, you can look slimmer and taller, thanks to the way Alan David is able to deflect away from your problem areas.

This means you’ll enjoy a stylish pair of pants which will make you feel comfortable if it’s your first time trying to wear suspenders.

6. Cutting Room Bespoke

If you are planning to wear suspenders for a special occasion, why not go all out and design your pants from scratch to match your suspenders?

If you have particularly bold suspenders, you may enjoy matching the design of your suspenders to your pants.

Cutting Room Bespoke is based in Los Angeles and offers a full range of services to create the outfit of your dreams. Choose from an incredible 2500 material options and unlimited design choices.

This would be our top pick for a wedding outfit or special occasion where you are looking to wow your friends and family with your new look.

7. Nordstrom

Department stores are one of the best options when you are looking for more specialized items of clothing.

As Nordstrom stocks so many designer brands, you shouldn’t have any issues finding a pair of pants with suspender buttons.

Choose from a wide range of materials and styles, and you can also find a new pair of suspenders at the same time here. Nordstrom offers brands and pants to fit all budgets and styles, and it’s a great one-stop-shop for your complete outfit to go with your suspenders.

8. Tom James

Tom James is a bespoke clothier that offers pants with suspender buttons and much more. Your custom pants will be made to reflect your style and taste, and the fit, fabric, and additional details will be customized to your needs.

This is a luxury option when choosing a pair of pants with suspenders but is ideal for anyone looking for an outfit for a special occasion. You’ll make an impact on arrival when you wear a pair of Tom James pants with your suspenders.

9. Suits For Me

Enjoy a very reasonably priced pair of pants from Suits For Me, which you can pair with your suspenders. All of the pants here are designed to your body but are not fully customized as some other options on this list are.

Add suspender buttons to any of the pants at Suits For Me, which come in a wide variety of colors to meet your needs and are made from 100% wool.

You’ll find this to be one of the quickest and easiest stores to get a new pair of pants with suspender buttons, and you’ll be surprised how affordable it is to add a few personalized additions to your pants.

Final Thoughts

As suspenders aren’t commonly worn nowadays, it can be difficult to find pants with suspender buttons when shopping in normal retail stores.

Sewing them on yourself is certainly one option, but all of these stores listed above make wearing your suspenders much easier. Many people nowadays opt for clip-on suspenders, but they don’t offer the same aesthetic as classic button-on options.

By choosing a pair of pants with suspender buttons from the places listed here, you’ll find the perfect solution to match your new pair of suspenders.

Paired with a shirt on top, and a bow tie if it’s a more formal occasion, you’ll look great for your next event or gathering.

Suspenders are a bold yet fashionable look and are a great option for anyone who doesn’t want to wear a jacket for a more formal occasion, such as a summer wedding.

They never go out of style and can be the final touch to complete any outfit you wear this year.

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