What To Wear With Yellow: 10 Best Color Combos For Women

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If you’ve ever owned any yellow clothing, you know how difficult it can be to wear with other colors. So, what colors should you wear with yellow? 

Yellow clothing pairs well with neutral tones like brown, black, cream, and white. But, contrary to popular belief, its versatility actually goes much farther than neutrals only. Yellow also wears beautifully with other bright shades like pink, green, orange, and red.

There’s no doubt about it, wearing yellow is a bold move.

So, before you dive headfirst into this vibrant hue, we’ve put together a list of ten of the best color combinations to make sure you stay looking stylish while you turn some heads. 

Without further ado, let’s jump in!

1. Espresso

Of all the neutral colors, brown is a no-fail companion for yellow, regardless of the tone.

Opt for a deep brown like espresso when you’re rounding the corner into autumn, and add yellow for the spice you need in the crisp fall months.

Whether you’re going for a bright yellow top or mere yellow accents, brown offers the color the ideal opportunity to shine, and it balances out any boldness that comes alongside it.

Here’s how to wear the combination:

For an office-friendly ensemble, try a mustard yellow long-sleeved turtleneck top tucked into a pair of wide-leg, high-waisted brown trousers.

Add in a dark brown handbag and a pair of espresso-toned boots to tie the look together.

For more of a casual look, try a muted yellow graphic tee with some high-waisted wide-leg shorts.

Layer on a brown checkered blazer and lace up some chunky white sneakers.

The perfect look for an afternoon walk through the park or to grab lunch with the girls.

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2. Black

Black and yellow make a classic pair.

But, we understand that you don’t want to walk around looking like a bumblebee, so here is the best way to style the color combination fashionably:

Try a pair of high-waisted, wide-leg black pinstripe pants, and tuck in a muted yellow well-fitted sweater.

Complete the look with some white and black pumps and a matching shoulder bag, and you’re ready to take on the day.

Or, for a look that can go from night to day, try a black leather mini-skirt with a fitted black long-sleeved top.

Add in some black suede over-the-knee boots and a black purse, and breathe life into the outfit with a bold yellow overcoat.  

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3. White

Another trusty companion to nearly any color—especially yellow—is white.

Anything in the realm of white, even off-white, can carve the path toward a killer outfit.

Not to mention, it’s a lovely addition for springtime looks as it keeps things light and airy.

Try for a yellow monochromatic look, with some high-waisted yellow corduroy pants and a similarly toned top.

Add in a pair of brown leather ankle booties and a brown shoulder bag, then top the look off with an ivory overcoat.

In chillier temperatures, opt for a white, puffy coat.

For a work-friendly look, try a pastel-yellow skirt and a matching blazer with a pair of white ankle boots to turn some heads on your way to the office.

4. Pink

As the ideal spring duo, combining pink and yellow makes for some of the most stunning looks.

It might sound like it could be overwhelming, but the two bright colors can balance each other out, making for a very pleasing look that you’ll keep coming back to.

Here’s how to style it:

Snag a pair of pink and white gingham flares, and pair them alongside an oversized pastel yellow sweater.

Complete the look with some white sneakers or white boots, and you’re ready for a comfortable yet stylish afternoon.

Or, for something a bit dressier, try a bold, sunshine-yellow midi dress with some fuchsia pumps.

Add a fuchsia blazer and a matching handbag, and let your outfit showcase all the best parts of your personality. 

5. Baby Blue

Like pink, baby blue adds some springtime vibes to a yellow look.

Not to mention, the two pair well together and add a bit of needed harmony to an outfit.

Here is our favorite way to wear the color combo:

For a bit of bohemian flair, wear a loosely-fit sky blue top tucked into a pastel-yellow leather midi skirt with a high slit.

Add a pair of white leather booties and a coordinating satchel bag.

Or, shoot for a pair of high-waisted, wide-leg pastel-yellow trousers with a baby blue button-down.

Add in some white strappy heels and a white bag, and you’re ready for a stylish day ahead. 

6. Green

For the bold, yellow and green make the ideal color clash statement.

You can make any shade of green pair well with yellow, from neon to olive.

The two offer just the right amount of vibrancy to kick any outfit up a notch without looking overdone. 

To keep things subtle and low-energy, opt for pastel tones.

Try a light sage-green blazer layered over an ivory top, and pair it with some high-waisted pastel-yellow cropped pants.

Finish the look off with a statement belt and some cream-colored mule heels.

Or, for more of a bold ensemble, try a pair of bright green flare pants alongside an oversized lemon-yellow cardigan.

Add in some pops of red or pink with your handbag and pumps, and get ready for fashion week.

7. Orange

On the same wavelength is orange and yellow, making them the ideal pair if you wear them right.

We enjoy a muted orange with a pastel yellow, but it’s also a bold statement to keep things bright and vivid with some rich shades. Here’s our favorite way to wear the duo:

For a casual, daytime look, try a pair of pastel-yellow high-waisted dress pants.

Tuck in a flowy, long-sleeved orange and white tie-dye button-up and layer on a white graphic tee.

Finish the look off with a pair of white, chunky sneakers or some white boots.

For the brave-hearted, opt for a pair of deep-orange plaid wide-leg pants with a white turtleneck tucked in.

Add a mustard-yellow blazer, and complete your look with some white heels. 

8. Purple

Believe it or not, yellow and purple are the new black.

It might sound like the ultimate clash, but purple offers yellow the opportunity to shine while also bringing a bit of balance to your look.

Not to mention, it’s a fun combination that’ll leave you feeling confident and stylish.

Keep things easy-breezy with a sunshine-yellow midi slip skirt.

Toss on an oversized lavender graphic tee, and complete the look with some classic white sneakers or hi-tops.

If skirts aren’t your thing, no worries.

Try a pair of plum-purple pants with a pastel-yellow sweater.

Polish the ensemble off with a gold clutch and some white pumps, and you’re off to the races. 

9. Grey

Grey provides the same safety that black does, although it’s less of a contrast.

If you’re apprehensive to wear yellow, start with an all-grey outfit and add some pops of sunshine where you see fit.

Yellow gives life to grey, while grey tones down yellow. It’s a win-win.

For a casual look that can go from meetings with colleagues to drinks with friends, try a pair of grey high-waisted split-flare jeans.

Tuck in a light-grey top and layer on a bold yellow blazer.

Finish the ensemble with some black boots and a yellow handbag, and you’re ready to party.

For more of a beloved work look, try a black blouse tucked into a pair of high-waisted, wide-leg grey plaid dress pants.

Finish the look off with a velvet, yellow blazer and some black strappy heels. Who said office outfits had to be boring?

10. Camel

Yellow and camel sound like they wouldn’t work together, but trust us, they do.

Surprisingly, the color combination is one of the most sophisticated and well-worn out of most and can be a stunning approach to working a neutral tone.

Here’s how to do it:

Start with a pair of mustard-yellow, high-waisted jogger dress pants.

Then, toss on a camel wrap sweater, and add a pair of brown heels to the mix.

Don’t forget a brown shoulder bag, and you’re ready to roll. Simple as that.

Or, for more of a formal look, try a pastel-yellow, floor-length chiffon dress beneath a faux-fur camel-toned overcoat.

Finish the look off with a pair of cream-colored mule heels and some gold jewelry. 


Yellow might seem like a daunting color when it comes to blending and styling, but it’s, surprisingly, one of the most versatile shades on the wheel.

If you’re nervous about sporting yellow, start small with a pastel tone, and try one of these ten looks on for size.

You might be amazed at how often you wear yellow from here on out.

What’s your favorite yellow ensemble?

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