How To Wear Teal: Outfits and Color Combos for Women

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Assuming you pair it with the right tones, teal is a stunning color to wear. That begs the question, what colors should you wear with teal?

In short, teal goes beautifully alongside tones like black, white, beige, and brown—making neutrals a safe choice. However, it can also look stunning next to other bold shades, such as mustard and certain shades of blue. 

The trick is wearing it right, and we’ve compiled ten of the best color combinations to try with teal. 

Let’s jump in!

1. Black

At the top of the totem pole, we have black—the trusty shade to wear with absolutely everything.

Black is the ideal complement to add to teal; it’s sleek, dark, and sophisticated enough to add just the right amount of class to nearly any outfit.

Our favorite combination is to mix black with dark teal to create a tasteful look with a bit of adventure.

Here’s how to pair the two:

Slip-on a black flowy blouse.

In cooler months, try a balloon-sleeved top to add a bit of character to your top half. In warmer temperatures, opt for a gorgeous silk cowl-neck tank.

Tuck your top into a solid dark teal, high-waisted, pleated midi skirt.

Then, step into some nude or beige heel booties or some strappy sandal heels and add a skinny leopard-print belt to the mix. Polish the look off with some coordinating jewelry, and you’re ready to hit the town. 

2. White

White adds the perfect amount of clean, polished vibes to a teal ensemble and allows the boldness of the shade to do all the talking.

Whether you’re shooting for a cool-girl look or a simple, elegant ensemble, the combination will never disappoint. 

For a casual daytime look, try a pair of white or cream straight-leg cargo chinos and a teal drawstring hoodie.

Wear the combo with some grey low-top sneakers and some coordinating accessories, and you can sport the look from the grocery store straight to lunch.

For more of a dressy ensemble, try a high-waisted suede teal mini skirt and tuck in a white graphic tee. Add a pair of black sock boot heels.

In cold climates, pair the look with a faux fur coat and a coordinating beanie. 

3. Caramel Brown

Brown—another neutral shade on the spectrum—makes a stunning debut next to teal.

While espresso can be a nice combination, caramel brown or even a camel hue can add a fresh take on the color and offer a boldness you never knew you needed.

A lighter, turquoise shade of teal makes a fresh companion, while dark teal can also make for a sophisticated and elegant look. 

With a pair of light teal high-waisted, wide-leg trousers, tuck in a fitted, ivory bell-sleeve sweater.

Step into some cream-colored pumps and layer on a caramel brown leather overcoat to finish off the ensemble.

Don’t forget to accessorize and grab a cream handbag to tie everything together.

For a different take on a similar brown and teal combo, swap out the pumps for some chunky white sneakers and the sweater for a black vintage graphic tee-shirt.

Finish the look off with a skinny brown belt. 

4. Mustard Yellow

Although both vibrant and bold, mustard and teal make a gorgeous couple, particularly when rounding the corner into autumn months.

Opt for darker teal and muted mustard to make both shades stand out, respectively, while also bringing the outfit together in a chic and classy way. 

Wear a tight-fitting, long-sleeved mustard turtleneck and tuck it into a high-waisted, dark teal midi skirt.

Add some burgundy or espresso brown ankle boots to the mix and tie the ensemble together with a brown houndstooth overcoat.

Add some coordinating accessories, including some white sunglasses and a brown handbag, to maintain the look and polish things off. 

5. Blush Pink

Blush pink is everyone’s color. It’s simple, elegant, and makes for the perfect match with a deep teal hue.

Not only does it make for the ideal color combination in general, but it also adds just the right amount of pop to an outfit to transition into spring style. Here’s a look we love:

With an oversized white tee-shirt, button-up some high-waisted, blush pink corduroy flare pants.

Step into some cherry-red pumps, snag a matching handbag and layer on a dark teal leather overcoat.

Not only will this look leave you street-ready, but you’ll also be runway-ready.

For a work-friendly ensemble, try a light teal or turquoise, wide-leg pantsuit with a blush pink blouse. Finish the look off with some pink mule heels, and you’re ready to take on the day.  

6. Beige

Like brown, beige is one of the ideal tones to wear alongside teal.

It’s neutral, simple, and allows the teal to take the spotlight—which is what we’re going for; isn’t it?

Beige offers calm and stylish energy to your look without overpowering. 

To add a fashion-forward pop of color to an otherwise simple ensemble, try a pair of high-waisted, straight-leg mom jeans with an oversized white tee shirt tucked in.

Layer on a beige blazer and lace-up some white athleisure sneakers.

Then, finish the look off with a dark teal handbag, and tie a coordinating teal silk scarf around your neck. Viola; an easy yet tasteful look to take on the day.

7. Mint Green

Mint green adds a gorgeous, minimalistic feel to a teal outfit.

While they ride along the same color spectrum, mint and teal create the perfect monochromatic pair that’s both elegant and vibrant enough to keep all eyes on you.

Not to mention, monochrome never fails.

For an everyday look that’s casual enough for a trip to the convenience store or cute enough to wear to lunch, we’ve got you covered.

Try a high-waisted, plaid teal midi skirt with a high-cut slit that reaches mid-thigh.

Match the skirt with a long-sleeved mint well-fitted sweater, tucked in.

Then, finish the look off with a pair of mustard or white high-top sneakers and a coordinating bag. 

8. Grey

As one of the most timeless and sophisticated colors on the map, grey also makes the cut as one of teal’s most stunning companions.

Grey adds a tone to teal that keeps the look toned down yet bold enough to catch some second glances. Here’s how to wear the color combination:

Try a pair of teal, high-waisted corduroy straight-leg pants, rolled up enough to allow the ankles to breathe.

In the winter, tuck in a grey long-sleeved turtleneck and layer on a grey overcoat.

In the summer, try a sleeveless turtleneck. Add a black and white snakeskin belt to the mix and slip on some black leather loafers.

Or, lace up some classic derby shoes paired with some white ruffle socks, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a fashion icon. 

9. Cobalt Blue

Although it might sound like an unnatural pair, teal and cobalt make a stunning combination, sharing a similar cool blue tone.

For a daring look, take the two for a spin and see how bold and fearless it makes you feel. 

Blue and teal together are especially complementary when they share similar materials.

For a dressy ensemble that’ll go straight from the office for drinks with your friends on a Friday night, try a pair of high-waisted, silk wide-leg trousers.

Tuck in a high-neck, satin cobalt blue blouse, and pair the combination with some nude sandal heels.

Add in a coordinating handbag, and you’re ready to add some vibrancy and adventure to the night. 

10. Gold

In the same realm as mustard, gold adds a stunning shimmer to the teal hue.

It’s one of the most ideal color combinations for a classy and elegant outfit. Not to mention, wearing the two makes you feel like Princess Jasmine (which is always a win, right?).

Here is our favorite gold and teal look:

For a formal and dressy occasion, try a floor-length, dark teal chiffon dress.

Or take a midi dark teal satin slip dress for a spin to keep things trendy.

Pair the dress with some gold metallic, square-toe strappy sandal heels and a metallic gold clutch.

The gold and teal combination will make for an eye-catching look that’ll make you feel as confident and striking as you are.


Teal may be one of the most charming colors in today’s fashion industry, but it’s also proven itself a tricky color to match.

Luckily, if you’re still unsure what shade goes best with the lovely hue, we’ve done our research to help guide you toward your new favorite ensemble.

Try one of these fabulous looks on for size and decide which suits you best! What is your favorite teal color mixture? 

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