What To Wear With Red: 10 Color Combos For Women

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As one of the most common colors that has ruled the fashion industry for centuries, red is a gorgeous and powerful tone that can add the right amount of pop to any look. However, if you don’t know what you’re doing, red can be a tough color to pull off?

So, what colors should you wear with red?

In short, you’re always safe to pair red with white, black, or almost any neutral tone. Additionally, when paired carefully, red can also look gorgeous with other bold shades like pink, green, and blue.

That said, it can be intimidating to wear such a vibrant color alongside equally bold shades.

Not to mention, you certainly don’t want to end up looking like a candy cane or an avid Valentine’s Day supporter. 

To help give you an idea of what to wear with this vibrant hue, we’ve put together a list of the ten best color combinations to wear with red.

1. Grey

Whether you’re looking to keep things toned down or you want to make your mid-week office ensemble pop with a hint of red, grey can make the perfect accomplice to a stunning outfit.

The two colors create the ideal contrast while maintaining harmony in the look. In other words, grey and red are a no-fail color combination. 

Try a basic well-fitted red turtleneck sweater tucked into a grey plaid midi skirt.

Toss on a pair of black ankle boot heels and a black skinny belt, and you’re ready for anything the day will throw your way.

Or, try a charcoal sweater dress with a crimson red overcoat and some black leather loafers.

Polish the look off with a black leather handbag and some silver jewelry.

2. White

For all the contrast in the world, try red with white.

White offers red a chance to steal the spotlight, and you’ll stay looking charming for any occasion.

If you’re looking for more of a summery vibe, red and white is a great look.

Or, red and white offer a fresh yet classic take on the holiday season. Here’s how to wear it:

To keep things casual and cool in the warm summer months, try a pair of white denim cutoff shorts alongside a red and white striped tee.

Complete the look with a pair of white sneakers or add in some additional life with a pair of black studded sandals.

For more of an office-friendly look, try a pair of high-waisted white dress pants and a solid red blouse.

Polish things off with some metallic silver pumps and a matching clutch, and you’re ready to roll.

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3. Camel

As fall makes its way around the corner, red and camel are the new black.

Camel provides a clever way for red to do the talking and add some life to your look.

Not to mention, red and camel make for a chic color combination for facing the winter chill. 

Slip on some deep cherry red high-waisted, wide-leg trousers and tuck in a cream-colored sweater.

Layer on a camel overcoat and polish the look off with some dark brown stiletto boots.

Or, for more of a monochromatic look, swap out the cream sweater for a camel one, and add in a pair of leopard pumps. Voila!  

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4. Pink

Ten years ago, wearing pink with red was a major no-no.

The two flirty shades didn’t always work in the past.

But now, it’s 2021. We can color clash—and we’ll make it look fabulous.

Here’s how to wear the vivid combination:

If you’re going to go bold, it’s best to go all out.

So, snag a pair of high-waisted metallic mauve pants and pair them with an oversized bright red cardigan.

Slip on a pair of matching red mule heels and complete the look with a pink clutch.

For more of a sweetheart vibe, try a light-pink pleated midi skirt alongside a vibrant red sweater.

Wear the look with a pair of red strappy sandals, and don’t forget your red lipstick to round the outfit off.

5. Olive Green

We know what you’re thinking: I’m not trying to look like a giant Christmas tree. But, fortunately, wearing red and green can be done—and you can do it fashionably. Here’s how to wear the combo:

First things first: you’ll want to opt for more of a burgundy red shade and olive or army-toned green.

Slip into a flowy green and black printed midi skirt, and layer on a bold red oversized sweater.

Snag an olive handbag and a pair of cream or nude ankle booties.

Complete the ensemble with sunglasses, and you’re ready to take on the day.

Or, for more of a casual getup, try a pair of high-waisted light-wash skinny jeans and a vibrant red crewneck sweatshirt. Finish the outfit off with an olive-green overcoat and some light-brown boots.  

6. Teal

Like green, teal adds a lovely contrast to red.

Although it might seem like an odd combination, red with teal offers an equally bold look that is both eye-catching and chic.

Here is our favorite way to rock it:

Grab a classic dark teal solid bodycon dress. Slip it on over some black sheer patterned tights.

Then, wear a bold pair of red pumps, and in cooler temperatures, layer on a matching red overcoat.

Toss in a black handbag, and you’re ready for anything–from drinks with the girls to dinner with your colleagues. 

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7. Black

If you’re on the fence about wearing red, don’t fret. Pair the boldness with black, and you’ll have the most stylish getup on the block. Black and red are the ideal, classic color combination to make you feel fierce while staying elegant. 

For an everyday look that’ll take you from the grocery store straight to dinner, try an all-black monochromatic outfit; simply add the perfect amount of intensity with a red accessory.

Opt for a pair of high-waisted black skinny jeans and a black silk blouse.

Top it off with some black stiletto boots, and don’t forget to add a statement belt.

Then, top the look off with a crimson red long cardigan and a beige satchel purse.

Or, for more of a business-friendly look, try a pair of black high-waisted dress pants with a deep red long-sleeved blouse.

Add a silver belt and some strappy black heels, and you’re ready to party (or should we say “work”?).

8. Beige

As the perfect blend of white and camel, beige offers the ideal contrast with a cherry red look.

It can also allow a wine red to do all the talking while it complements a sophisticated ensemble.

Here is our favorite way to wear the combo:

For the vintage lovers, button up some high-waisted, wide-leg khaki pants with a black belt.

Then, slip into a red and white polka dot, off-the-shoulder crop top, and finish the look off with some classic white sneakers.

Don’t forget a black shoulder bag, and you’re ready to paint the town red. 

9. Pastel Yellow

If you’re hoping to wear red with yellow, it’s essential to play the game right.

Pastel yellow is your best bet; otherwise, you might begin to look like the spokesperson for McDonald’s.

To guide you on the red and yellow brick road, here are a couple of fabulous looks to try:

Snag a pair of high-waisted, pale-yellow wide-leg pants, and toss them on under a stunning red short-sleeved, flowy button-up with balloon sleeves.

Opt for a red that has purple undertones to avoid advertising hamburgers, and shoot for a lovely print that’ll tie the colors together.

Finish the look off with some black or white platform sandals, and don’t forget a matching clutch.

For a less bold look, try a sunshine-yellow knee-length sundress, and wear it with some coral-red sandal heels to give the ensemble some life.

Perfect for an afternoon lunch date or a simple Sunday stroll through the park.

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10. Lavender

This spring, lavender has taken over the fashion industry. And we’re not mad about it. Lavender is a gorgeous purple hue that looks fabulous on everyone. And, believe it or not, lavender complements red in all the best ways. If you’re looking to color clash as well as Megan Markle, here’s how to blend the shades:

Go simple with a pair of lilac flare jeans, an oversized white tee-shirt, and a black and white houndstooth overcoat.

Finish the look off with a bold red handbag and some bright red pumps.

If you’re looking to take the color combination one step further, try a red pleather mini dress layered beneath a lavender blazer.

Slip into some black, sheer tights and polish your look off with some classic black heels.

Of course, don’t forget a red clutch, and you’re ready for anything—drinks, dinner, or even a cocktail party. 

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If you’re like the majority of women who struggle to style red, don’t worry.

The answer is straightforward; any neutral tone will fit the bill.

But, if an uncomplicated shade doesn’t suit your fancy, plenty of other vivid colors work well with the fiery hue.

Try one of these color combinations on for size and see which red ensemble showcases your unique personality. 

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