What To Wear With Maroon Pants: 10 Stylish Options For Men

What To Wear With Maroon Pants: 10 Stylish Options For Men | Murston Co.

Maroon pants have recently come into the fashion game full swing. But, for some, it might seem intimidating to incorporate into their wardrobes. Plenty of men wear bits of maroon here and there, but it less often makes its debut in the form of pants. While denim and black go with absolutely anything, transitioning to colored pants can be a bit unnerving. 

The good news is that maroon is a fairly harmless color to welcome into your closet. And believe it or not, it’s one of the most versatile.

Although you might have reservations about red pants, let’s look at things realistically—maroon is certainly not fire engine red. Maroon is different; it’s a deeper shade that is richer than others. Not to mention, it’s much easier to style.

If you have a pair of maroon pants that you’ve been avoiding since you bought them because of the fear of standing out, wait no longer. I’m going to give you ten stylish options for men on what to wear with maroon pants.

Since there are plenty of circumstances when maroon is a suitable pant color, we’ll cover some of the best combinations to wear with the shade so you can pull it off with perfection.

Let’s take a look.

1. Maroon & Grey

Grey is one of the most traditional colors to wear alongside maroon, and for a good reason.

Grey is a muted tone that will allow your maroon pants to have their moment while it merely complements them with soft and charming vibes.

For a classic look that will always be trendy, try to incorporate a grey cardigan or sweater.

Or, pair your maroon pants with a light grey blazer and a fresh white shirt for a crisp, sophisticated look that won’t disappoint.

For more of a smart-casual look, toss in a charming, patterned tie to complement your pants. To keep the ensemble toned down, try combining your maroon pants with a dark grey jacket and a tan tee-shirt to have your top and bottom halves on a similar spectrum.

Keep the look going by strapping on a pair of brown suede boots and a brown belt.

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2. Maroon & Black (Or White)

Black and white are both colors that will always go well with anything, including maroon pants. They allow for a fresh, classy look that will give your pants the spotlight they deserve. 

Wearing black boots alongside maroon pants and a black shirt will always create a sharp look that will never go out of style.

The same goes for white.

For a dressed-down getup, try a pair of maroon chinos alongside a simple black or white tee with a monochromatic overcoat, then add the coordinating color of shoes to tie everything in.

Even better, add in a slim gold chain to keep it casual, but not too casual. For a more formal look, do the same with a dress shirt, and add a classic accessory, such as a bowtie. 

3. Maroon & Navy

Navy and maroon are a color combination that just about everyone knows and loves.

The two together can easily create a preppy, nautical energy, and when worn well, can make a beautiful pair.

If you’re wearing maroon slacks or chinos, opt for a navy blazer and blue dress shirt to encourage a sophisticated business look. Complement the outfit with brown accessories and throw in a solid-colored—preferably navy or black—tie.

For more of a casual feel, try a navy bomber jacket with a chambray button-down or a flannel with corresponding colors. Tie everything in with some brown loafers or moccasins.

4. Maroon & Denim

Denim is one of the most timeless materials that has been around for decades, yet it continues to charm.

Maroon pants with a denim shirt or jacket will make for the perfect outfit for going out for drinks with your buddies or taking a date to the movies.

Pair your maroon pants with a grey sweatshirt and a denim jacket. Slip on some white sneakers, and you’re good to go.

Try a denim shirt with a layered cardigan to create more of a smart-casual combination. To spice things up, a denim jacket with a pastel yellow shirt and some black wingtips can allow for an eye-catching outfit that’s perfect for a spring or fall ensemble.

You can even dress up some maroon sweatpants with a denim jacket and a tee. The options that denim provides are practically endless.

5. Maroon & Olive Green

Olive green is a lovely color that goes well with just about any skin tone. And, wearing it alongside maroon can make for a clean-yet-bold look. If you want to avoid drawing attention to yourself, save this option for later.

To incorporate olive into your maroon-centered outfit, try to combine it with muted, neutral colors.

For example, pair maroon pants with a black polo and black boots, but add a pop of additional color by wearing an olive jacket or blazer. The same can be done with white or even brown instead of black.

Even a bomber jacket along the lines of a hunter green can look nice with maroon bottoms.

6. Maroon & Brown

Maroon and brown are essentially soul mates in terms of style. Seriously, maroon almost always looks dashing alongside browns, including all hues, from tan to espresso. It’s hard to go wrong by wearing the two together.

Pair maroon pants with a solid tan sweater and brown Chelsea boots to keep things calm and complementary.

If you’re going for a deeper or richer brown, try layering a dark jacket with lighter shades beneath for contrast, and tie it all in with a dark brown shoe. For a business-casual look, add a camel blazer on top of a white dress shirt and combine it with brown loafers and a matching belt in addition to some maroon chinos.

Avoid a tie but add a colorful pocket square for a fun and classy trend.

If you’re ever at a crossroads when choosing between a brown shoe or a black shoe with maroon pants, the brown will likely be the most obvious choice and goes well with anything on top.

7. Maroon & Cream

Cream is a beautiful and clean color that can even be comforting at times.

With its similarity to white, cream makes a beautiful addition to maroon pants that will allow them to keep all of the attention while keeping things muted.

For a casual combination, wear your maroon pants with a cream cardigan layered over a grey or brown V-neck tee.

Complete the look with coordinating boots.

Shoot for smart-casual by wearing a cream turtleneck with maroon chinos and white sneakers. Swap the sneakers out for brown dress shoes and add an espresso blazer on top of cream for a professional look that you can sport comfortably at both the office and home.

Honestly, cream will always be one of the better options to pair alongside maroon pants.

8. Maroon & Light Pink

I know; this may sound a bit weird, but trust me on this one. Pink and maroon are on the same spectrum, so wearing the two together is a great monochromatic look.

Picture this: maroon chinos, a light pink button-down, the sleeves rolled up without a tie, and a brown belt with brown loafers. Even a pink tee can give the same vibes.

To keep a neat look, ensure that you’re wearing a pink shade that is not going to clash with the maroon. In other words, opt for a baby, pastel pink that looks complementary to your maroon pants.

Try it out. I think you’ll be surprised how much you’ll like the combination.

9. Maroon & Mustard

Although mustard is bold in itself, pairing it with maroon actually allows for a stable mixture perfect for fall.

Try some slim maroon pants that are well-fitted, and add a mustard button-down.

Tone it down with a dark brown or even a navy sheepskin or corduroy jacket, a brown belt, and brown boots.

If you’re not ready to go all-in quite yet, add a subtle mustard sock with some black dress shoes and a neutral tone layered beneath a denim jacket.

Mustard alongside maroon pants might sound intimidating, but don’t be shy! It can ultimately score you some major points in the style department.

10. Maroon & Print

Adding prints to solid-colored pants is never a bad idea, especially in the case of maroon pants.

Patterns can be the avenue to tie the rest of the ensemble together smoothly and stylishly.

Wear some maroon chinos alongside a retro, vertically-striped button-down that incorporates similar hues.

Slip on some brown loafers and a complementary blazer, and you’re good to go.

Even prints that completely avoid maroon can make a great combination, such as a floral, short-sleeved button-down that’s navy and black. Tuck it in and pair it with white sneakers, and you’ve got yourself a casual and clean-looking getup.

Printed ties or jackets with crisp, solid shirts can be a great addition to maroon pants, especially plaid and floral patterns.

Ultimately, it’s difficult to go wrong with maroon pants and printed accents.


So, there you have it. Maroon pants really aren’t that scary.

Although it might seem like the color is tricky to match, don’t fret. Maroon is actually one of the most versatile colors you can wear.

That being said, if you’re still a little uncomfortable with the whole thing, start small and try out a maroon shirt or even some socks. Being one of the most prominent colors in fashion, it’s hard to go wrong with maroon.

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