What To Wear With Light Blue Pants? 10 Great Options For Men

Light blue pants can be one of the most eye-catching fashion choices a man can make; however, it can be tough to know what to pair them with. Whether they’re jeans, slacks, or chinos, an ensemble can easily go from a stylish get-up to a sky-colored catastrophe.

So, the question is, what should you wear with light blue pants?

In short, light blue pants pair well with darker tones and neutral colors, such as navy, cream, black, white, and beige. However, a range of vivid colors like orange or even yellow can add a nice bit of style to your ensemble.

Nonetheless, whatever you wear with light blue pants should emulate elegance and coordinate well.

On the contrary, you might think light blue pants are striking enough; why pair them with something even bolder? But, believe it or not, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear light blue pants alongside other bold colors if done well.

We’ve uncovered some killer clothing options to wear with your light blue pants to give you the confidence to break them out.

White Button-Down

A classic addition to the light-blue-pant-look is a white button-down. It can complement a pair of chinos or denim in all the best ways, and it’s relatively safe to wear for a casual outing or out for drinks.

Since it can either be dressed up or dressed down, a solid button-down is a perfect choice to supplement your outfit, allowing the pants to take the spotlight.

Here’s how to wear the combo:

With some well-fitted light blue chinos, tuck a casual or Oxford button-up. Roll your sleeves to just below your elbow and leave the top button undone. Add a brown belt and some brown tassel loafers with some no-show socks to let your ankles breathe. Sport the look with some classic sunglasses and a slim watch.

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Tan Blazer & Patterned Dress Shirt

If you’re on the hunt for more of a smart-casual or business look, wear some light blue slacks with a patterned dress shirt and a tan blazer. Not only will you maintain a professional and sophisticated vibe, but you’ll also illuminate your great style sense.

Here’s a look into the look:

Slip-on some tapered, slim-fit, light blue dress pants alongside a patterned dress shirt. Opt for something more vivid but ensure that it coordinates well with your pant color—floral or paisley are both dependable choices.

Tuck in your shirt and add a solid tie, or go tieless with a few buttons undone. Then, add a tan blazer and brown accents: brown belt and brown leather dress shoes or brogues.

Pair the ensemble with some subtle, cohesive socks and a matching pocket square to tie the look together. You’re good to go!

White Denim Jacket

On the casual end of the spectrum is the denim jacket. But not just any denim jacket. For a more modern take on this classic wardrobe staple, you’ll want a white denim jacket. White will sit beautifully next to light blue, whether you’re in chinos or jeans.

Here’s a solid outfit idea:

With some light blue chinos, cuffed at the ankle, add a colored graphic tee—navy makes a low-key yet lovely addition. Slip into some white sneakers and toss on your white denim jacket. On a warmer day, roll up the sleeves. Then, add some bracelets to polish things off.

Navy Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets are a workhorse in the fashion world.

That said, every man should own one, and navy is the perfect color.

It goes with absolutely everything, especially light blue pants.

Not to mention, it can dress up a casual outfit or dress down a formal one.It’s easy to toss together and creates both a comfortable and stylish look for any occasion.

Here’s a little insight into how to wear this bad boy:

Button up your light blue chinos and add a cream crewneck sweater to the mix. Slip on your navy bomber jacket and accessorize with some classic brown wingtips and a matching belt. Finish the outfit off with some sleek sunglasses.

Linen Henley

The Henley seems to be a controversial topic in men’s fashion; you either hate them or love them.

However, a linen Henley completely changes the game. Even better is a grandad collared linen Henley. The linen will add a refined, comfortable touch to your outfit, while the buttons will take a step up from the lonely solid t-shirt.

Here’s how to wear it:

With some light blue fitted chinos or slim-fit jeans, wear a long-sleeved black, white, or beige linen Henley and roll the sleeves up to sit above your elbow. Leave it to hang freely, undo the top button and pair the combo with some clean white sneakers.

Viscose Button-Up

For a modern take on a vintage look, sport a viscose button-up with your light-blue pants. The two together can be the perfect match in terms of class and practicality. Not to mention, you’ll look super cool and stylish while wearing it.

Here’s an idea:

Opt for some pleated light blue slacks and a short-sleeved patterned viscose button-up. Choose a color palette that bodes well with light blue. Tuck your shirt in, and leave a few buttons open at your chest.

Skip the belt and socks, and wear a pair of brown or black derby shoes to dress things up. Accessorize with a silver watch and silver bracelets. If you’re feeling bold, try a beige or grey fedora to spice things up.

White & Brown Sweater

One of the most underrated colors that looks fantastic when paired with light blue is a deep brown. For the perfect smart-casual ensemble that you can wear from the office straight to dinner with friends, try a brown and white sweater alongside your light blue pants.

Here’s an example:

Wear some light-blue, well-fitted dress pants or slacks with a half-white, half-brown turtleneck sweater.

In colder temperatures, try a camel overcoat to stay warm and look polished. Dress the outfit up with some brown leather dress shoes, or dress it down with some brown leather lace-up sneakers. Round the outfit off in a cool way with a pair of modern circle glasses and a sleek watch.

Black Or White Cardigan

For some stark contrast, a black or white cardigan with some light blue chinos is never a bad choice. A cardigan can give a casual outfit just the right amount of formality without overdoing it.

So, here’s how to wear the duo:

Toss on a grey dress shirt beneath a black or white shawl cardigan and leave a few chest buttons undone. Button the cardigan in the middle and allow the collar of your shirt to lay open. Tuck your shirt into your light blue, cuffed chinos and toss on a light-brown or tan belt. Then, slip on some tan suede loafers and tie the look together with a classic silver watch.

Colored Vintage Polo

Vintage polos are all the rage right now. And for a good reason. They’re classy, fashionable and add the perfect amount of pop to an off-duty look.

Here are a couple of different outfit options with a polo:

For a low-key get-up, try a beige and cream striped polo with your light blue slacks or chinos. Leave the polo untucked and add in an espresso belt with some matching tassel loafers or brogues. Or, keep things casual with a solid beige polo, some white sneakers, and a navy belt.

If you’re feeling saucy, opt for a bolder color of polo, like a muted orange or rust. Pair the polo alongside some light-blue tapered dress pants and tuck it in.

Ensure that your blue pants are pastel to keep you from looking like a mere sports fan. Complete the dapper ensemble with some white suede loafers or derby shoes and some coordinating socks. To kick it up a notch, toss on a white fedora.

Light Blue Check Blazer

Go more formal with a light blue check blazer and some light blue, well-fitted dress pants. Or, tone down the orderly look with a pair of light blue jeans. In either case, a check blazer will make your entire look shine. And, when you look good, you feel good.

Here’s how to wear the pair:

With a white dress shirt, button up a beige suit vest and sport it under a light blue check blazer or sport coat. Add your light blue dress pants into the mix, making sure they’re tapered and well-fitted.

Then, throw on some white sneakers to tone the look down or some beige tassel loafers to step it up. Wear a solid navy tie for more of a formal get-up, or opt to go tieless and undo the top two buttons for a semi-formal occasion. Top it all off with a cream lapel flower and some burgundy sunglasses.

Bottom Line

If you’re still on the fence about wearing your light-blue pants, try one of our favorite outfit options, you might be surprised at how confident you look and feel. Stop letting your light blue pants collect dust in your closet; take the plunge and wear the pants. With the number of compliments you get, you definitely won’t regret it.

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