What To Wear With A Burgundy Skirt: 14 Stylish Options

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Can’t decide what to wear with a burgundy skirt? We’ve got you covered with these 14 stylish outfit ideas.

Ah, burgundy. One of today’s most cherished colors. Every woman looks stellar in the shade, and there is certainly no shortage of burgundy clothing items on the market today.

Nonetheless, the burgundy skirt has taken over the fashion game, and we’re absolutely here for it.

It’s hard not to love a good burgundy skirt, but we also know it can get tough to find the perfect top or accessory to complement it.

If you are looking for outfit inspiration or simply want some new ideas, allow us to take the wheel and guide you into fashion heaven.

Because we’ve compiled some of our favorite outfit combinations that’ll leave you looking chic and classy.

Let’s dive in!

1. Go Nude

Nude is one of the most universal and timeless colors, making it ideal for coordinating tones with a burgundy skirt.

Toss on your favorite nude turtleneck—long-sleeved for autumn and sleeveless for spring—and pair it with a high-waisted, pleated burgundy midi skirt.

Give your outfit more of an elegant touch by adding in some black or nude pumps for day wear, or swap them out for some strappy gold sandals if you’re heading out in the evening.

If you’re feeling extra refined, try incorporating some additional neutrals like brown, cream, or ivory to tie the ensemble together.

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2. Dress Down With A Vintage Tee

A burgundy skirt is a great way to dress up any outfit. But, for those who want to keep things casual, try wearing your favorite vintage tee shirt with a leather burgundy mini skirt.

Opt for a white or black tee, and finish the look off with some cute leather booties or some white sneakers.

If you’re looking for some more spice, pair your tee with a coordinating belt and some fun jewelry for the perfect mix of laid-back meets feminine.

3. Look Brassy And Sassy

We all love a silk midi skirt, am I right, ladies? But, they can be a bit intimidating when you’ve yet to take them for a test drive. They’re gorgeous and sleek, adding just the right amount of saucy elegance to a night out.

Don’t be shy.

Pair a print burgundy silk midi skirt–add a thigh-high slit if you’re feeling dangerous–with a light-pink satin wrap blouse.

Finish off the look with a pair of gold pumps and some classy jewelry.

4. Dress For Work

While we love burgundy when it’s dressed down, don’t worry—it can be the perfect color for formal business ensembles as well. If you’re looking for something that will give off professional vibes but keep you looking chic, try a nice blazer.

A black, brown, or even a floral blazer pairs lovely with either a pencil skirt or an A-line.

Layer it on top of a classic, cream chiffon blouse.

Then, finish off your stellar outfit by slipping into some classic pumps of any color—even add in an additional splash of burgundy to go extra bold.

5. Keep Things Monochromatic

These days, monochromatic styles are everything. Lucky for you, burgundy is just the color to try it with.

The key is to play off the same color family without going too matchy-matchy.

You can play around with various textures by wearing a ribbed or lace blouse with a satin skirt or even a high-waisted leather pleated skirt with a tight-fitted, long-sleeved burgundy tee.

Add some contrast with some gold strappy heels or some ivory booties.

Or, try to incorporate some different sensations by throwing on an oversized sweater with a pencil skirt or switching up your shoes between flats or pumps, depending on the occasion.

6. Keep It Classic

It’s tough to go wrong with a classic look. Wear a simple, blush-colored, high-neck blouse with an A-line skirt and top it off with some gorgeous kitten heels.

For chillier days, toss on a clean, coordinating cardigan. And, of course, add in some pearl earrings to have the full effect.

7. Rock The Trends

Burgundy is already on-trend, so why not kick things up a notch? Try a burgundy tennis skirt alongside an oversized white tee or a coordinating vintage crewneck sweatshirt.

Add in some classic reebok sneakers and some slouched socks, and you’re good to go.

You can even add in a thick, white headband alongside your curtain bangs if you’re all about the fads. Whether you’re a Gen Z or not, nobody will be able to tell the difference.

For more of a girly approach to the trendy tennis skirt, button up an ivory cropped cardigan and wear some black or brown derby shoes to keep things simple yet playful.

8. Opt For The Bohemian Look

For those who prefer to rock the bohemian style, try pairing your long, flowy burgundy skirt with a sheer white blouse or tank top.

You can even go casual with it and slip into a grey or white vintage band tee and tie it up in the front.

Before you know it, you’ll have yourself an outfit that’s cute but comfortable and laid-back enough to catch brunch with the girls.

Bump things up with a rancher hat and some gold bracelets.

This look is perfect for concerts or picnic-related summer events, and you can easily dress your flowy skirt up with a black or red floral blouse.

Pair it with some tan sandals and a floppy hat to stay relaxed and stylish at the same time.

9. Mix It Up With Stripes

If you need something a little more interesting, try pairing your mini leather or skater burgundy skirt with an off-the-shoulder black and white striped shirt.

Add some black booties for height and style while you tie everything in by adding a few of your favorite gold jewelry pieces. This look is perfect for a fun and casual date night or meeting up with friends for drinks.

It’s feminine but not too dressy to allow for comfort during the day and a chic put-together look for heading out on the town in the evening.

10. Go Bold With The Colors

Burgundy is neutral enough to match almost any color you throw at it. Feeling brave? Push your fears aside and go for a bright-colored top.

Try a tulle burgundy midi skirt with a blush pink blouse. If pink isn’t your shade, opt for a mint shade. Balance things out with a nude pump or some burgundy booties, then add in some coordinating accessories.

11. Don’t Forget Your Prints

Patterns and prints are a great way to add some personality to your outfit while still keeping things chic and fashionable. If you’re feeling conservative, opt for a solid-colored top with a burgundy-patterned pleated skirt.

Add some strappy sandal heels that are the least prominent color in your outfit to add some fun color.

If you want something more daring, try pairing your burgundy skirt with polka dots or your favorite animal print.

A classic leopard top is always a win, but zebra is also a fun way to add some pizzazz to your ensemble.

12. Lighten Up

Pull a sophisticated and well-dressed move by wearing a light-colored blouse paired with a darker burgundy skirt.

This may sound a bit forward, but hear me out: what if I told you that a beige satin, bell-sleeved top with a burgundy pencil skirt would make the ideal outfit for a formal event?

You better believe it, sister.

Try the combo with a pair of beige stilettos, and then polish off the look with a gorgeous black handbag.

This ensemble will be sure to catch everyone’s attention the second you walk through the door.

13. Go Rogue With A Leather Jacket

Burgundy is a bold, daring color.

But, you know what else is even more dangerous? Leather.

And, combining the two only makes for an edgy look that’s both ladylike enough to wear on a date night and sleek enough to give you the confidence to go out to dinner by yourself.

Wear this ensemble with your highest heels and a black handbag to keep everything in line. If you’re not into heels, try some white sneakers.

And, to make yourself feel even cooler, roll up the sleeves of your favorite black, oversized tee and tuck that bad boy in.

14. Get Cozy

We can all agree that being cozy is much better than absolutely anything else.

And, believe it or not, you can wear a skirt and still strut all of the warmth and style that you need for a cold day outside or even a comfortable work-from-home afternoon.

Dress up your burgundy tulle skirt with a matching sweater–or try a big, grey one–and add some black details into the mix.

Keep it comfortable with your favorite white sneakers.

If you’re feeling chilly, slip into some tights. To make this get-up even better, try pairing it with a sleek necklace and some gold bracelets.

Bottom Line

A burgundy skirt is a timeless and versatile way to convey a chic and classy fashion statement for absolutely any occasion.

If you’re looking for something new in the fashion department, consider adding this timeless piece to your wardrobe.

With so much versatility, there are nearly limitless combinations for you to wear with a burgundy skirt.

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