What To Wear On A Coffee Date: 10 Stylish Options For Men

what to wear on a coffee date: 10 stylish options for men | Murston Co.

So, you finally scored a coffee date with the girl of your dreams. Now that the hard part is over, it’s time to decide what to wear.

Since there is rarely (if ever) a dress code for casual coffee shops, the ball is in your court.

But, how do you decide on a stylish ensemble that is sure to woo your date? 

Since coffee is on the casual end of the spectrum, it’s vital that you don’t overdo it, but it’s also crucial that you don’t underdo it.

There is a fine line between looking cool and confident and looking like you just rolled out from under the overpass.

Narrowing down your outfit options can be nerve-wracking. And, we understand that you’ve got enough to worry about with dazzling your date.

So, to give you a head start, we’ll cover 10 perfect style choices for you to wear on a coffee date.

Let’s dive in.

1. The Denim Dude

As the staple of casual class and the perfect, comfortable option for nearly any circumstance, well-fitted jeans will avoid drawing unnecessary attention to your bottom half.

Whether you end up taking an afternoon stroll and chat or pausing to have a dance in the middle of the street, denim will be your best friend in a moment of casual need.


Since you’re on a date with a super-fine lady, opt for a darker wash, slim or skinny jeans to keep things casual but clean—perfect for emulating just the right amount of care.

If you’re hoping to toss on a denim jacket, go for contrast with a black pair of denim pants.


Denim is one of the best choices because you can pair it with any top. With jeans, try to avoid the lonely tee—add something more to spice it up. Try a clean, white t-shirt under an open flannel or colored bomber jacket (navy and olive are great options). Or, in warmer weather, wear a solid Henley tee with rolled sleeves to add the right amount of flair with just a few buttons.


Pin-roll your jeans and toss on a pair of classic white slip-ons or lace-ups—make sure they’re clean—to show a bit of ankle and keep things polished.


To dress up an already-casual look, add an eye-catching watch, some simple bracelets, and some Ray-Bans or tortoise sunglasses.

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2.  The Layered Lad

Ah, layers. A lovely choice for any casual outing–especially if you’re wondering what to wear on a coffee date.

To rock a layered look, it’s essential to keep things simple but stylish and purposeful.

Nobody wants to wear unnecessary clothing, so keep this option on hand to add some depth to a chilly fall day.


For a layered look, keep your pants low-key. Opt for a khaki, grey, or black pair of slim-fit pants that will allow the remainder of your outfit to take the spotlight.


Your top is where your personality can truly shine. Layer up with a colorful button-up beneath a solid half-zip sweater. Pair it with a long camel or navy overcoat or dark-colored quilted jacket.

For more of a laid-back look, try a simple tee under a grey, cozy cardigan and toss on a blue or black parka.


It’s difficult to go wrong with any type of shoe with a layered look. Some of the best options are sneakers, brown or black Chelsea boots, or some classic driving shoes.


You can pair a layered look with some classic Ray-Bans, a beanie with a splash of color, or even a baseball cap to dress things down. Add a belt for a bit of class. But, as always, keep it in tone with the rest of your outfit.

3. The Smart-Casual Gent

Smart-casual is a great way to go if you’re heading to a late-afternoon coffee date that could potentially lead to dinner.

Opting for smart-casual will give you a sophisticated look that’s sure to leave a good impression.


To keep things classy, lean toward black or grey slacks or black, well-fitted pants. If you’re hoping to add some flair, try a pair of plaid slacks.


Add a solid, fitted white tee and tuck it in. Pair it with a clean sport coat or blazer and roll up the sleeves.

Or, in cooler temperatures, try a nice, sophisticated turtleneck sweater.

If you’re looking to dress the outfit down a bit, try a solid-colored hoodie under a blazer or long overcoat to explore class and comfort all at once.


Cuff your chinos and toss on a pair of white mid sneakers or classic hi-tops. Or, to keep a sophisticated look going, add a pair of velvet loafers.


At this point, your outfit speaks for itself. It’d be safe to add a polished watch, but try to avoid a belt if you’re going for a sneaker look. Otherwise, add one into the mix.

4. The Hipster

If you’re wondering what to wear on a coffee date, it’s hard to overlook the hipster look, (so long as you execute it well).

Try this confident style on for size and let it do the talking.


One word: chinos. They’re classic, comfortable, and casual enough to wear on a simple coffee date.

Opt for black chinos, cuffed around the ankle. Or, try a pair of wider loose-leg jeans—but don’t go raiding your dad’s closet just yet.

Find the right fit: a snug waist, roomy thigh, and tapered down to the ankle; and let them flood. It’s a unique look, but they’re definitely all the rage in 2021.


Pair your chinos with a colorfully patterned short-sleeved button-down, tucked in, and leave a couple buttons open at the chest. Try rolling the sleeves.

For denim, the same applies, but avoid tucking in.

You can also opt for a button-up polo sweater for a vintage but trendy look.

For cooler weather, try tucking in a solid, long-sleeved turtleneck.

Cardigans and oversized denim jackets also make a great match for this look.


You guessed it, white sneakers. You can also opt for trendy Vans or Nikes.


Belts are always a great addition to nearly any outfit. To keep up with current fads, also try a fedora or brimless baseball cap and some sunglasses.

5. The Patagonia Prince

Are you going on a coffee date, or are you going hiking? The world may never know.

Tossing on a Patagonia or North Face sweater is a great casual look that will embody your love for adventure—if, of course, that is something you enjoy. Regardless, it’s a classic style that can work well for a coffee date.


Since it is a date, you shouldn’t necessarily shoot for the stars and wear hiking pants. Instead, try a slim-fit chino or skinny jean that will work well alongside a cozy sweatshirt or vest.


A classic style is to opt for a solid-colored tee with a classic fleece jacket—you can win here with a zip-up or a half-zip.

In another realm of cool yet casual, pair a plaid button-up under a puffer or Sherpa vest; this will leave you with more of a dressed-up version.

And, who doesn’t love a vest?


Anything from a rugged Chelsea boot to a suede driving shoe would be the perfect complimentary shoe.


Anything goes with an outfit like this. But, adding a clean and simple watch will step up the game.

6. The Boat-Shoed Bloke

In warm weather, this outfit is a useful look that has always been in style.

Not to mention, if the date goes well, you can go straight from the coffee shop and onto a yacht.

(Or, if you’re anything like me, you may have to settle for a paddleboat.)


Khaki chinos are a great addition to more of a Floridian look, airing on the comfortable side.

In exceptionally warmer weather, you can never go wrong with some khaki chino shorts.

But if you’re not into khaki, try olive green or navy shorts.


For a classic but attractive vibe, try a solid black tee with khaki shorts.

Ensure that the shirt is well-fitted and clean, of course.

However, if you’re hoping for more of a sophisticated look, try a solid white linen button-up over a white tee and roll those sleeves up. You also can’t go wrong with a white and black plaid button-up.


A boat shoe is a great option for both chino pants and shorts. But, white sneakers, particularly slip-ons, are also a considerable option that will always look clean while keeping things casual.


A belt and a watch are essential accessories for such a casual look. It’s also not a bad idea to opt for some sunglasses, and even a baseball cap while you’re out and about.

Shall I suggest walking your date home?

7. The Minimal Male

If you aren’t quite sure what to wear on a coffee date, opting for a minimalist ensemble is almost always a safe bet.

Although it might seem like it’s too plain and simple for a date, you can create a minimalist get-up that will still have you looking your best.


There’s certainly nothing boring about a clean pair of jeans or solid pants.

Paired with other solid colors, your pants will be the perfect eye-catching piece that won’t steal from the remainder of your outfit.

Charcoal trek pants, or even some pleated chinos, will add just the right amount of effortless elegance with a simple feel.


The best way to go about a minimalist look is to keep your colors neutral yet in the same tone.

Pair your grey pants with a white hoodie and a light-grey overcoat. In warmer climates, try a solid beige, loose-fitted tee with a pair of light-wash jeans.

All in all, keep it clean with solid colors and clean lines—avoid the busy patterns.


For the simplest of options, go for a white or beige sneaker, as always.

For more of a pop, add some classic hi-top Vans or Chuck Taylors to the mix.


What makes the minimalist look is your choice of accessories.

Deciding on the perfect pair of glasses or the best belt to go alongside your color scheme will add the perfect amount of creativity that will never quit.

Try for the most fascinating accessories that will add life to your outfit. And, never forget a good watch.

8. The “Bad” Boy

Everyone loves the bad boy look, so it’d be difficult to go wrong with this one.

Not to mention, it works for nearly any occasion and can be perfect for a casual date.

You may not feel like a bad boy, but it couldn’t hurt to look like one from time to time. Think John Travolta in Grease and tell me you don’t want to score a girl like Sandra Dee.


Since we’re going for a bad boy look, some rugged straight legs or a pair of distressed black skinny jeans will fit the bill.


If you want to go for a monochromatic look on this one, stick to a black t-shirt. Or, to add a bit of contrast, toss on a white tee.

If it’s chilly out, throw on a grey hoodie.

You can even go for a casual black button-up, just don’t tuck it in. But, regardless of your shirt, a leather or suede biker jacket is essential to the bad boy look.


To complete the look, a pair of black, chunky Chelsea boots would make a perfect match.

But, it’s always safe to go for—and I know you won’t guess it this time—white sneakers.


Your jewelry has the upper hand for this style, so wear it well. Don’t worry, you don’t necessarily need to pierce your ears to nail the bad boy look.

Other ways to emulate the bad boy look include rings on your middle and ring finger—only on the right hand. Your date doesn’t need to think you’re married.

Then, add in a nice chain necklace, but tuck it into your shirt so it’ll merely hint at your date from across the table.

A watch and bracelets will also enhance the look.

9. The Monochromatic Fancy Man

Monochrome is in; just ask Kanye.

And one of the best style options, especially for a casual coffee date, is an all-black get-up. If you’re not into any other style choices, it’s the safest bet in the book.


Start with your pants and decide on a solid color. Black is typically the best option. However, you can go for beige or tan slacks, or even some burgundy or olive pants.


Opt for a shirt that is the same color as your pants. But, remember that you don’t need to stay in the exact tone of the pants—it may be better to range in tones a bit, just keep on the same spectrum.

You can opt for a black tee-shirt paired with black pants, or even try a beige sweater with tan pants.

Add a white button-up beneath your sweater and toss a camel overcoat on to tie it all in.


You can stray from your standards in the footwear department.

Try a shoe that will add a pop of color or contrast to the look. Sneakers, boots, or loafers all make a fine choice.


To keep a monochromatic look, well, monochromatic, go for accessories that embody the same tones as well.

For example, wear a black ensemble, choose a black watch.

However, accessories could be a nice outlet to add some contrast as well. The choice is yours in this case.

In the belt department, keep things black or brown—whichever is in the same realm as the rest of your outfit. 

10. The Buttoned-Up Look

Button-ups emulate style and class. And, you can easily dress them up or down, making the perfect choice if you’re wondering what to wear on a coffee date.


Button-ups typically go well alongside skinny jeans.

Depending on the color of shirt you choose, opt for denim that will complement the rest of your look. For a vintage style, try some black pleated slacks or some chinos and tuck in.


There are hundreds of button-up options to choose from.

If you decide on wearing chinos or slacks, choose more of a relaxed fit short-sleeved viscose button-up and leave a few buttons open at the top; you can also roll the sleeves. With skinny or slim jeans, try a grandad collared shirt.

Or, for more of a classic look, go for the Oxford button-up with the sleeves rolled just below your elbow. Avoid tucking into your skinny jeans.

In chilly weather, add a shirt jacket to the mix.


It’s nice to go for more of a sophisticated shoe in the skinny-jean-and-button-up area, such as a classic Chelsea boot. With slacks, try white sneakers or Old Skool Vans. 


Opt for a clean and subtle watch; they pair particularly well with a button-up shirt. Avoid the belt in any case, especially if you’re going untucked.

Otherwise, bracelets are another great addition.

Bottom Line

The options are endless, but the important thing to remember is that your outfit can be a tell-tale sign to your all-around personality, so you’ll want to make a good impression in the first five seconds that your date will be sizing you up.

In all reality, keep it calm and cool, and try not to overdo it.

Wear something you feel confident in and something that will speak to who you are. Then, just let your personality speak for itself.

Everything else will fall into place.

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