What Color Socks Should I Wear With Khaki Pants?

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Khaki pants are one of the most popular items of clothing for men today. When it comes to wearing these types of pants, it’s important to consider your complete outfit to ensure you create a cohesive overall look. To help you create a stylish look the next time you wear khaki pants, today we are here to answer the question: what color socks should I wear with khaki pants?

In short, brown, black, olive, navy, and most patterned socks look great with khaki pants. You can also take a more traditional approach and wear a pair of khaki-colored socks. As with any outfit, be sure to consider your entire ensemble when deciding which socks to wear with Khaki pants.

Should I Wear Khaki Socks With Khaki Pants?

When wearing pants to work or during your leisure time, most men try to match their socks with their pants.

This is especially important in professional settings, where you’ll find a monochromatic look creates a strong first impression.

However, the one exception to this rule is khaki.

Khaki tends to look very dull when paired with other brown items of clothing, which can result in a grungy appearance.

If you stick to khaki socks, try to find ones that are a significantly different shade. They can either be much lighter or much darker but should be at least a few shades away from your pants.

While you may have an idea in your mind of what khaki looks like, you’ll be surprised by the variations you can find within this color. By avoiding similar shades, you’ll create a more cohesive and stylish overall look.

Of course, make sure your socks pair well with your shoes to avoid a clashing or mismatched vibe.

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Can I Wear Black Socks With Khaki Pants?

Black socks shouldn’t be your number one choice; however, when paired with black shoes, they can be an acceptable choice. In other words, if you don’t feel like buying socks, or you just can’t seem to find a color that goes well with your khaki pants, then black socks will work in a pinch.

For anyone who does want to wear black socks with khakis, we also recommend a dark or black shirt to finish off the ensemble.

For example, a black knit shirt can look great with black socks and khakis and create a stylish appearance.

While most individuals choose to wear brown shoes with khaki pants, you’ll find black shoes can also work well, especially when in the workplace.

Finish off a black and khaki outfit with a black belt to match your shoes for a more polished appearance.

Brown Socks With Khaki Pants

One of our top recommendations for socks to wear with khaki pants is a pair of brown socks. However, with no exceptions, you’ll want to pair this sock with a pair of brown shoes.

Brown socks create a cohesive look that can produce a stylish yet classic appearance for work or casual occasions.

To avoid looking too drab, we recommend switching things up on your top half by adding a fun, colored shirt, which can either be a bold color or a lighter, pastel shade.

When it comes to choosing your brown shoes, try to find something that doesn’t look too heavy. Loafers or Oxford shoes work perfectly and will be comfortable to wear all day long at work.

If you choose to wear a belt with your khaki pants, which we usually recommend to complete the look, make sure your brown belt matches your brown shoes.

Do Colorful Socks Work With Khaki Pants?

If you are a fan of wacky and colorful socks, you may want to steer away from these with most khaki pants. However, you can certainly opt for a non-traditional sock color. In general, we recommend dark purple or orange. That said, you should avoid crazy patterns or funny cartoon characters with khakis, as these can make your whole appearance seem unprofessional and uncoordinated.

Wearing khakis to work is often something that professional men avoid, but they are becoming more accepted, very similar to the popular chinos.

However, to avoid looking like you are taking advantage of your workplace’s relaxed dress code, avoid adding silly socks into the mix.

Some men like to roll up their khakis to show off their socks, but we recommend only doing this in your leisure time or in casual settings.

We highly recommend wearing olive socks with khaki pants, which can add a new color and tone to your appearance without risking breaking your dress code. If you are desperate to add a splash of color to your outfit, we recommend brightening up your top half.

Or, if you are wearing khakis to work, keep things simple with a single-colored shirt on top.

Pastel shirts also look great with khakis, and you’ll find they add a modern yet professional twist to your outfit.

How To Style Your Khaki Pants

Now that you know what color socks to pair with your khaki pants, it’s time to think about what else you’ll wear to complete the outfit.

You can wear Khakis in casual workplaces, but many individuals do opt for chinos instead. For work, we recommend avoiding oversized khakis, as they can look sloppy and aren’t as flattering on your body.

For a more professional look, add a button-down shirt on top, which will balance out your more casual pants.

When it comes to wearing khakis during the weekend, add a plain colored t-shirt on top.

In the winter months or in cooler climates, a sweater can help to finish off your look.

While you’ll want to wear classy shoes for work, you can certainly throw on a pair of sneakers over the weekend with your khakis. Just like with your socks, you’ll want to avoid bright and patterned sneakers and instead stick with a single colored shoe such as white or brown. From there, you can decide what color of socks will finish off the outfit perfectly.

For accessories, we recommend against adding too many heavy extras into your outfit. Instead, complete your look with a plain belt to match your shoes and a stylish watch.

The Bottom Line

Khaki pants are a popular option with men around the world for both professional and leisure use. However, when it comes to matching khaki pants with your socks, you’ll want to take the time to create an aesthetically pleasing outfit.

Unlike black pants, which can be paired with almost anything, you’ll need to be careful not to accidentally wear bold or patterned socks with khakis to work, as you may risk creating an overly casual appearance.

We always recommend sticking with brown or olive socks with khaki pants, but even these need to be paired carefully with the right color of shoes.

It’s certainly a lot to think about but can make or break how your outfit comes across.

If you are feeling particularly daring, you could try purple or orange socks and even roll up your khakis to show them off. However, we believe this look is best saved for the weekend instead of the workplace.

We hope you now understand how to pair your khaki pants with various colors of socks. By following this advice in the future, you can enjoy the benefits of this comfortable style of pants without risking looking uncoordinated or unprofessional.

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