What Color Of Belt Should I Wear With White Shoes?

So, you found a super sweet pair of white shoes that you’ve been dying to wear. And, lucky for you, white typically goes well with anything. After picking out a stellar outfit and ironing your shirt, you’re ready to go. But, the moment you go to wear the ensemble, you run into a conundrum: what color of belt should I wear with white shoes?

The short answer to this question is black or brown. Although white is on the opposite ends of the color spectrum, they fall within the same scale. And, on top of that, they’re a classic go-to that most already have in their closets.

On the other hand, you might be wondering, why can’t white shoes go with any color of belt? And, what you have there is a totally valid question.

After all, white is one of the most versatile colors in fashion.

Several factors play into the belt and shoe game—we can’t forget about the rest of your ensemble.

To help you avoid any fashion faux pas, we’ll dive deep to uncover the best belt color to wear with white shoes. So, without further ado, let’s jump in!

The Basics Of Belts And Shoes

The wonderous world of fashion maintains many unspoken rules. And, if you don’t live under a rock, you’ve likely heard the common practice concerning belts and shoes. Generally, in fashion, your shoes should always match your belt. It’s an important rule—it avoids countless outfit blunders on a daily basis.

For example, if you’re wearing black shoes, you should wear a black belt, and if you’re wearing brown shoes, you should wear a brown belt. Sounds simple enough, right?

Usually, wearing a belt that matches your shoes is the best way to go about things in a formal situation. When it comes to casual styles, the rule isn’t so strict.

Think about it: there are plenty of casual shoes that aren’t black or brown. But, nobody has made it fundamentally clear about what we should do if our shoes are anything but black or brown.

In that case, there are a few other guidelines to consider when choosing a belt to go with your get-up.

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What Color Of Belt Goes Best With White Shoes?

The best, most versatile shoe—at least in our opinion—is the white sneaker. They’re the bread and butter of fashion in modern society. You can wear white sneakers with absolutely anything, and they’ll do wonders for an outfit.

Got a dinner date? Great! A dressed-down suit will go perfectly with your white sneakers. Is it casual Friday at work? Awesome, lace up those white sneakers and toss on your favorite flannel.

But, the day will come when you can’t figure out what belt to strap on with your trusty white shoes. If the general belt-and-shoe rule applies to every color, do we have to wear a white belt with our white shoes?

Don’t fret. General fashion guidelines are valuable as long as you don’t take them too seriously. That said, unless you’re going golfing or you’re heading to a martial arts class, you should avoid the white belt at all costs.

Seriously, anything is better than a white belt. But, to better explain the answer, here are two essential guidelines that can help get to the bottom of nearly any belt color-versus-shoe color dilemmas:

  1. If your shoes are on the neutral, earthy-tone spectrum or they’re a vibrant color (navy, burgundy, tan, olive green, rust, mustard, etc.), wear a brown belt.
  2. If your shoes are on the black and white scale (light or dark grey, white, or black), wear a black belt.

You heard it here first, folks. Black and white share the same scale when it comes to style, making them the ideal partners in crime. When in doubt, opt for a black belt with your white shoes.

Consider Your Outfit

Now, before you go buckling up your black belt, take a step back and evaluate the entirety of your outfit. While a black belt is a great jumping-off point, it isn’t necessarily always the best option to couple with your white shoes.

Because white shoes are suitable for any color scheme, it’s possible that you might be wearing them with a palette that merely doesn’t welcome black into the mix. And, in that case, you should re-evaluate your choice of belt.

For example, you should never—unless you’re required by law or something—wear a black belt with navy pants. Black and navy are nothing but a clashing catastrophe.

So, if you’re planning to pair your white kicks with some blue chinos, a brown belt would be better suited. The same goes for khaki and other shades of brown.

But, if you’re looking to wear your white shoes alongside something like jeans and a classic white tee, a black belt is the way to go. Just keep in mind, when dressing casually, coordinating your belt with your outfit as a whole is typically more important than matching your belt to your shoes.

Wearing White Right: Inspiration For Wearing Belts With White Shoes

So, we’ve covered the basics of white shoes and belts. But, what about the rest of your outfit?

If you’re at a loss and the only piece of your ensemble you’re working with so far are your white shoes, the world (of style, at least) is your oyster.

We’ve conjured up a few classic outfit ideas that will inspire you to wear your white shoes with confidence. And don’t worry; we’ve already chosen the belts for each one. So don’t be shy. Try one of these winning ideas on for size and see if you’re willing to rock it.

A Deliberate Black-Out

Thanks to Kanye, monochrome is in—and it’s here to stay. Everyone loves an all-black ensemble. It’s classy, clean, and can make you look like a total tough guy. And, the best part about black is that it works for any occasion.

For a go-to casual outfit, try a pair of black slim-fit or skinny jeans and a simple black t-shirt. Accessorize with a black suede, braided belt. Cuff your pants to show a bit of ankle and toss on your white sneakers.

For something on the smart-casual side, try some tailored black dress pants and a black sweater. Or, spice it up with a white dress shirt layered beneath a black crewneck sweater.

Then, add in a black leather belt and tie the look together with your white shoes.

When Navy Met Khaki

Navy and khaki make the perfect combination of traditional and sophisticated. Not to mention, they made a killer debut into any season.

If you’re on the hunt for some relaxed yet polished vibes, try a pair of well-fitted khaki chinos and a navy Henley. Or, in chillier weather, try a navy hoodie.

Slip into your white sneakers, and tie everything in with a denim jacket and a brown leather belt. Dress things up by going for khaki dress pant and a light blue dress shirt. Layer a navy crewneck on top and buckle up a brown belt.

And, of course, don’t forget your white sneakers.

Going Grey

Ah, grey; the perfect shade for turning any uncertainty into confidence.

Grey is experienced, modern, and looks great on everyone. And, while it pairs well with nearly any complementary color, You can pair grey and white with brown or black. Just keep it in coordination with the rest of the ensemble.

Go light with some simple, heather grey chinos and a white or heather grey half-zip sweater. Combine the blend with a black leather belt, and then let your white sneakers steal the show.

Or, with some dark grey, well-fitted wool dress pants, wear an olive crewneck sweatshirt on top of a white button-down. Roll up the sleeves, lace up your white sneakers, and buckle up a solid brown belt to keep things neutral and fresh.


So, there you have it. If you’re wearing white shoes, you should typically default to a black or brown belt. But before making your final decision, always consider the color scheme of your outfit.

Regardless, make sure that you feel confident in your get-up and yourself. So long as you feel self-assured, all fashion laws go out the window. What is your favorite color of belt to wear alongside your white shoes?

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