15 Best Shoes To Wear With Skinny Jeans (For Women)

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Are you wondering what shoes to wear with skinny jeans? We’ve compiled 15 of our favorite options for women!

Gen Z can say what they want about skinny jeans; they’re some dependable pants.

They’re iconic, stylish, and super comfortable (most of the time).

Skinny jeans are some of the best fashion staples to come out of the early 2000s, and they’re versatile enough to pair with basically anything.

But, as trends have come and gone alongside trusty trousers, it can be tough to know what’s acceptable to wear with skinny jeans in our modern day of fashion.

You’ve got enough tops to reach for on any given day, but no ensemble is complete without a trendy pair of shoes.

So, to give you a better idea of what to pair with your beloved pants, we’ll dive into 15 of the best shoe styles to wear with skinny jeans.

1. Classic Sneakers

The classic sneaker will never go out of style. And by “never,” I mean never. You can wear them with dresses, shorts, skirts, sweatpants, and, of course, skinny jeans.

Add some contrast to an average get-up with a pair of black jeans next to white sneakers. Cuff the bottoms a bit and show some ankle. Wear the combo with, well, anything that’s collecting dust in your closet. You’ll stay looking cute and comfortable all day.

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2. Sandals

When the weather starts to heat up, sandals are the perfect transition shoe into the spring and summer months. And, if it’s not quite hot enough to break out the shorts, your favorite pair of skinny jeans will be the best way to keep those legs warm while those toes stay fresh.

Birkenstocks are a killer option—they’re comfortable, cute, and easy to step into when you’re in a rush. Slip-on a pair of sandal slides and a hoodie for a comfy errand day, or opt for some tan leather sandals to go alongside a bohemian bell-sleeve top and some black skinnies.

3. Loafers

If you want to keep things on the semi-casual side of the fence but you’re not looking to strap on six-inch heels, loafers are the perfect way to give your skinny jeans the perfect sophistication boost.

Opt for a pair of black tassel loafers and some light or dark denim skinny jeans with a cute coordinating blouse.

In chillier temperatures, toss on an oversized blazer or classy overcoat to tie everything together. And, of course, don’t forget to cuff the pants to accentuate your ankles.

Strappy Heels With Women's Skinny Jeans

4. Strappy Heels

Strappy heels are like sandals’ rich cousin. And they tend to look amazing with a pair of skinny jeans. Not only do heels make your legs look longer, but strappy ones also help slim your feet to look gorgeous next to those model legs.

Try a nude or cream-colored blouse and tuck it into some distressed, well-fitted skinny jeans. Pair the combo with some nude sandal heels.

Or, for more of a bombshell look, opt for some black distressed skinny jeans and a black and oversized relaxed tee tucked in.

5. Platforms

Some say wearing platforms next to your skinny jeans can make your legs look a bit too thin and unbalanced. We say no way, Jose. Fortunately, platforms of all shapes and sizes are all the rage right now. And, believe it or not, you don’t necessarily have to wear them with bell-bottoms like we’re back in the 70s.

Platforms look super cute with skinny jeans, especially platform sneakers, loafers, and Derby shoes. Zip up your classic skinnies and an oversized sweater or t-shirt. If you’re not feeling all the height, try a smaller platform. But, if you’re into it, slip into some thick, coordinating platforms that make you feel like the confident cookie you are.

6. Anything With A Pointed Toe

It’s a scientific fact that pointed-toe shoes look best with skinny jeans. Okay, maybe not a proven fact. But, for some reason, it’s true. Whether it’s classic pumps, a pair of booties, or some sleek loafers, a pointed toe just works with skinny jeans.

For a casual day out, try a cute peplum top, a pair of light-wash skinny jeans, and some colorful pointed-toe flats to add some pop to the ensemble.

Or, if you’re heading into the office, a pair of clean black skinny jeans, a white button-up top, and a camel cardigan would look fabulous alongside some pointy leopard pumps. Add in a burgundy overcoat to stay warm in style.

7. Over-The-Knee Boots

Channel your inner Ariana and toss on some over-the-knee heel boots. They’re simple, sleek, and perfectly flirtatious shoes. And they only truly work with skinny jeans.

For a casual yet classy autumn day out, opt for a black, oversized sweater with dark-wash denim skinnies. Layer on a pair of black suede over-the-knee boots and buckle up a statement belt with your sweater in a front tuck. Add in an elegant bag, and you’re ready to hit the town.

8. Chelsea Boots

As one of the best casual ankle boots in the fashion world, the Chelsea boot is super fashionable and keeps your feet nice and snug throughout the whole day. Not to mention, they’re the ideal boot for fall and winter weather.

To keep things on the casual, simple side, slip into a light-grey sweater and a pair of grey or black jeans. Cuff the legs and add in a cute pair of coordinating ruffle socks beneath your trusty Chelseas.

Or, try some chunky black Chelsea boots with dark-wash skinnies and a white button-up layered beneath a sweater vest.

9. High-Top Sneakers

It’s tough to go wrong with high-top sneakers, especially when you wear them with skinny jeans. For a casual day, high-tops can be the perfect way to add some color or flair to an average outfit. And, they’re comfortable enough to wear anywhere.

Try out a pair of dark-wash distressed skinny jeans, a crewneck sweater, a black overcoat, and some Vans Sk8-His. Roll your jeans to show a bit of ankle, grab a nice bag, and be confident that you’re definitely still in style.

10. Ankle Booties

Ankle booties are arguably the most fantastic shoes ever to grace our feet. With the hundreds and even thousands of ankle boots in the fashion world, we’ve got options. Regardless of the season, whether it’s spring, fall, winter, or summer, there’s a bootie for that.

And they’re all gorgeous alongside skinny jeans. They bring a bit of emphasis to the feet, which is well-deserved, and allow the pants to work subtly in the background.

In summer, try a high-neck tank top bodysuit and some high-waisted skinnies. Toss on a pair of open-toed ankle booties and be on your way. For winter, opt for some dark skinny jeans and a black balloon-sleeve sweater, then step into some black sock booties. Don’t forget a coordinating puffy coat to stay warm and stylish.

11. Mules

Ah, mules. They’re not quite loafers, but they’re not quite sandals. They’re a delicate and perfect mixture of both of the best flats. Easy to slip into at any given moment, mules are also super fashionable and offer plenty of style to a skinny-jean look.

Whether you go for a mule heel or a flat, it’ll do its job and do it well. Try a pair of skin-tight light-wash denim skinnies, a white tee, and a plaid or Gingham blazer. Slide into some black, fur-lined leather mules. Grab a colorful handbag, and you’re good to go.

12. Clogs

I feel like we don’t give enough credit to clogs. They’re adorable, and they add just the right amount of detail to a basic ensemble. You can get them with a super high heel or go with a smaller platform.

Either way, they’re great when paired with skinny jeans. Opt for a pair of dark-wash skinnies, rolled at the ankles, and an oversized blouse. Slip on a couple of black leather mule clogs, and voila!

13. Ballet Flats

If you’ve yet to own a pair of ballet flats, here is your sign to go out and buy some. They’re some of the most comfortable shoes, and, similar to loafers, they provide plenty of style for nearly any outfit.

To go chic, try some high-waisted skinny jeans, and tuck in a black and white off-the-shoulder top. Add in a sleek black belt and a pair of cap-toed ballet flats to tie the look together.

If the weather allows for it, add a black leather or suede jacket into the mix for a bit of some fun energy.

14. Derby Shoes

If you’re on the hunt for more of a vintage style, Derby shoes are a super unique and stylish choice of shoe to wear with your favorite pair of skinny jeans. They’re flat and comfortable, and you can generally wear them with plenty of different color combinations.

Try a pair of black or dark-wash skinny jeans, an oversized blue button-down, and a beige trench coat. Roll your pants a bit and toss on a pair of black, polished leather Derby shoes. You can opt for some charming crew socks or go the no-show route. Add in some accessories, and you’re ready to roll.

15. Anything That Slips On

Everyone loves a conventional slip-on shoe. Whether you’re late for an appointment, you’re heading to grab lunch with the girls, or you’re stranded on a desert island with only one choice of shoes, slip-ons always have your back. They’re quick, easy, and versatile enough to wear alongside anything.

For a super casual day, try a cute vintage tee with a pair of high-waisted skinnies and some slip-on canvas sneakers in a coordinating color or fun pattern.


Fortunately, skinny jeans are incredibly versatile. If you’re stuck on which shoes will work best with your chosen get-up, don’t stress! Try some of these options on for size, and you’ll be sure to look chic. Regardless of the shoes you choose, don’t forget to bring your confidence along for the ride.

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