What Shoes To Wear With Joggers: 15 Stylish Options For Women

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Are you wondering what shoes to wear with joggers?

For any girl who values comfort but wants to stay stylish, joggers are an essential wardrobe staple.

Whether you’re heading to the office or the gym, joggers are one of the most versatile pieces in today’s fashion world.

But, when styling your favorite joggers, shoes can make or break the entire ensemble.

Fortunately, in this post we’re going to cover fifteen of the most stylish shoe options to wear with joggers.

So, without further ado, let’s dive (or should I say “step”) right in!

1. Low-Top Sneakers

The average sneaker should be a given.

Whether you’re opting for a pair of sweats or denim joggers, low-top sneakers are never the wrong choice.

A classic pair of lace-up Vans or Converse are always reliable and super stylish. Or, you can opt for the super-trendy chunky sneaker and some white crew socks, which also make a cute companion.

Whatever you decide, low-top sneakers are one of our absolute favorite shoes to wear with joggers.

2. Slip-Ons

As the low-top sneaker’s close relative, a pair of slip-on sneakers are another killer option that you can’t go wrong with.

In plenty of instances, slip-on sneakers are even better—particularly for us lazy gals—because you don’t even have to bend over to lace them up.

If you’re late for brunch with the girls, or you’re merely heading out the door to grab the mail, slip-ons are your best friend.

They pair especially well with casual joggers, but they can also do a fine job dressing down a more elaborate pair.

If you’re feeling bold, some leopard or checkered slip-ons are always a fun way to add some spice to your get-up.

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3. Classic Pumps

Believe it or not, joggers can also take on the form of comfortable sophistication if need be. And a pair of pumps can be a great way to kick things up a notch.

Swap out your workout tank for a clean blouse and your worn-out sneakers for an elegant pair of classic pumps.

Or you’ll be sure to stop the show with some dressy, white joggers and a neutral blazer with a couple of colorful heels.

Opt for some polished jewelry and a classy handbag, and you’re ready to take on the day.

4. Sandals

As summer makes its way around the corner, easy outfits are a go-to for most of us. It’s hot, and we want to keep cool and relaxed during the days ahead.

For a laid-back look, try a pair of sandals with your favorite, thin-fabric joggers and a classic graphic tee. Birkenstocks make for a timeless choice that always looks cute.

Or, for more of a comfy ensemble to sport at any time of day, try some sweat joggers, a simple crop top, and a pair of coordinating slides.

5. Athletic Trainers

We’ll let you in on a little secret: you can wear sports shoes even when you’re not about to work out.

Even if you’re not heading out for a run, the sporty look is an easy, cozy look to run errands or head to the mall. Toss on your favorite trendy jogger sweats, a matching crewneck, and some fresh trainers.

Not to mention, dressing the part can make everyone think you work out, even if you don’t. And, if you do work out, even better. Stop by the gym at any given moment, and you’ll already be dressed for it.

6. High-Top Sneakers

High-top sneakers are everything. They can go from night to day and straight to play.

There are hundreds of styles of high-tops available, and you can’t choose the wrong pair to wear alongside some track pant joggers.

Try a pair of black Vans Sk8-His or solid white high-top kicks, and wear them with some sweat, denim, or even dressy joggers.

Top off the casual look with a denim jacket and a solid tank. Talk about style and comfort, all wrapped up in one fashionable ensemble.

7. Combat Boots

Even boots make a fantastic addition to some casual jogger pants.

As fall rounds the corner, swap your sandals or sneakers out for some classic boots.

Try a pair of khaki cargo joggers and a black tee with some Doc Marten’s combat boots.

If you didn’t feel confident before, you’ll be sure to channel some bombshell vibes once you lace up.

Or, for more low-key days, try some black leather chunky Chelsea boots to add some extra comfort to your all-grey, monochromatic sweat and hoodie ensemble.

8. Stiletto Booties

If you’re going for more of a sophisticated and classy jogger and boot combo, opt for some stiletto ankle booties to wear with your favorite pair of paper-waist joggers and a well-fitted bodysuit.

Feeling vibrant? Express your inner Kim K with some snakeskin booties to compliment your attitude. Or, to keep things extra elegant, try some emerald satin joggers and black sock booties with a coordinating blouse.

9. Strappy Heels

Everyone loves a classic strappy heel.

They’re simple, but they’ll add some flirtatious and intriguing energy to a comfortable get-up.

Just got a pedicure?

Show those bad boys off with a pair of nude heels and some black leather joggers. Toss on a flowy top, and you’re good to go.

Don’t like pedicures?

Don’t even worry.

Showcase those toes with a pair of black suede gladiator heels and some khaki joggers. Layer on a blazer or shacket, and you’re ready to roll.

10. Loafers

If you’re not a heel girl but you’re still hoping to keep the sophistication energy alive in your outfit, slip into a pair of loafers.

Loafers add some comfortable class to any look, and they go fabulous alongside flowy jogger pants.

Try out some neutral tones and add in a pair of brightly colored loafers to tie everything together. Or, olive green joggers are an especially dependable match for some suede beige, black leather, or even leopard loafers.

Keep the vibes going with a coordinating bomber jacket and a casual sweatshirt, or try a denim jacket with a graphic tee. Loafers will add the ideal mood to any style.

11. Mules

In the loafer family, we have mules. With mules, you get the best of both worlds—the look of loafers without all the blistering pain that causes you to go barefoot halfway through the day.

Mules are exceptionally stylish and comfortable on top of it. Try out a pair of colorful or print-patterned mules with a neutral outfit, or slip into some solid mules for a simpler look. For additional elegance, opt for some heeled mules.

12. Espadrilles

They’re not sneakers; they’re not loafers. They’re espadrilles! Espadrilles are the perfect summer shoe. They’re soft, comfortable, and incredibly versatile, with the various options always on the market.

Espadrilles add just the right amount of tropical, beachy vibes to any old look.

With some beige linen joggers, toss on an oversized tee-shirt and some of your most beloved espadrilles.

For warmer days, try some espadrilles sandals, and in cooler temps, opt for some lace-ups. You’ll stay looking stylish and casual for any occasion.

13. Derby Shoes

Derby shoes are an unfailing wardrobe staple. They’re super cute and add a fun, cultured look to an adorable ensemble. Not to mention, they’re a unique trend that will never die out.

Try out some denim joggers and a short-sleeved, oversized button-up. Pair the look with some coordinating Derby shoes, a wide-brim fedora, and you’re ready to party.

Or, try out some neutral plaid dress joggers, a simple long-sleeved crop, and some classic black leather Derby shoes.

14. Crocs

Like it or not, Crocs are back in. Just ask Ariana Grande. And honestly, we’re ready for it.

Crocs are probably some of the most comfortable shoes to ever hit the shelves, and everyone deserves to envelop their feet in the Croc comfort.

Not only do they bring some much needed comfort, but they’re the perfect shoe to wear with joggers.

Whether you’re heading to the grocery store or you’re merely on your way to grab the mail, Crocs are comfy, reliable, and easy to slip on in a snap.

15. Moccasins

Are they slippers, or are they shoes? Nobody will ever know. And that’s completely fine because moccasins make wearing slippers in public totally acceptable.

Moccasins are available in charming bootie styles or slip-on loafer styles, making them one of the best shoes to wear with joggers.

Not to mention, the moccasins with genuine sheepskin are to die for—you’ll never take them off. For a casual, everyday look, slip into some classic brown moccasins, a pair of black joggers, and a denim jacket layered over a simple tee.


So, there you have it. 15 of the best shoes to wear with joggers.

Try one of these ideas on for size, and you’ll never have to worry about a jogger fashion faux pas again.

What are your favorite shoes to wear with joggers? Be sure to drop your faves in the comments below!

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