Is A Custom Suit Worth It?

Is A Custom Suite Worth It? | Murston Co.

Custom suits are often associated with the rich and famous. However, nowadays, they have become a much more accessible and feasible option for people that want to look their best. But is a custom suit worth it?

A custom suit is well worth the expense–whether you wear it regularly or you just need it for a special occasion. Since custom suits are made with top-quality material and tailored precisely to fit your body, they will fit you better, look more stylish, and last longer than a suit you buy off the rack.

That said, a custom suit can easily set you back hundreds or thousands of dollars, so you need to decide if this is something that’s really worth it for you.

Today we’re going to look at the pros and cons of custom suits and discover what makes them stand out from a regular suit.

How Much Will A Custom Suit Cost You?

Custom suits typically cost between $500 and $3,500. The price of your custom suit will depend on a few factors, such as brand name, level of customization, type of material, suit style, and size.

A truly bespoke suit is going to cost you a lot more, as the amount of time and effort put into the production of these suits is incredible.

The cheaper custom suits will involve your measurements being taken, and then the company will order the closest fitting suit to your body. Small adjustments are then made to ensure the suit fits perfectly to your shape.

However, a bespoke suit takes this one step further and involves a hand-cut pattern for your exact body measurements.

The material for your suit is then cut out, and the suit is constructed from scratch.

It’s easy to see why these suits can cost thousands of dollars, especially if you opt for a pricey material and construction method.

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How Is A Custom Suit Made?

The process of getting your custom suit made may vary depending on how much customization you are opting for. If you are having a bespoke suit made from scratch, expect to return to the store for multiple fittings before receiving the final product.

On your first session, you’ll have your measurements taken.

The tailor usually does this, but some companies now use body scanning machines.

There are also options to buy custom suits online available, but of course, these rely on the accuracy and honesty of your home measurements.

After your fitting session, your measurements will be left with the tailor to begin the custom suit process.

Once the suit has been made from scratch or altered to fit your measurements, you’ll usually be asked to return to check the suit’s fit.

A bespoke suit may take up to four fittings before you are ready to wear it, so prepare to have a little patience!

A cheaper custom suit may require a few alterations after the second fitting but should then be ready to take home and wear.

Throughout the process, you can customize everything about your new suit, down to the buttons. Before purchasing your custom suit, try to have an idea in mind for the design and material, as this will make things much easier for you and the store.

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Pros And Cons Of A Custom Suit

As with any costly purchase, there are pros and cons to consider before creating a custom suit.

The main reason consumers opt for a custom suit is for a better fit.

While some individuals are lucky enough to find a well-fitting suit off-the-rack, oftentimes, the legs or arms don’t fit perfectly.

This is the same for the fabric, which may not hang correctly on your body. In comparison to a store-bought suit, you’ll find the material and construction of a custom suit are usually far superior.

This can help to offset some of the concerns about the cost of a custom suit, as you’ll get years of wear and enjoyment from it.

If you have an eclectic fashion sense, you may also enjoy getting a custom suit made to fit your personal style.

As department stores focus on current trends and popular brands, it can be difficult to find a flattering and classic suit to fit your needs. Naturally, the biggest drawback of custom suits, and what puts most people off them, is the cost.

The prices vary considerably, so don’t let the high prices put you off when you may be able to shop around and find a more reasonable alternative.

When going into the custom suit-making process, keep in mind you may incur additional charges along the way.

If extra alterations are needed, or you change your mind about anything in the design, this will be added to your final payment.

Ask your tailor before starting the process about additional charges to ensure you know what you are getting yourself into!

Another disadvantage is the time it may take to create. If you need a new suit for an upcoming event, ensure your custom suit will be finished in time and that you add on extra time for potential alterations.

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How Long Will A Custom Suit Take To Be Made?

If your custom suit is being made locally, expect it to take a minimum of two weeks, and up to about a month.

For suits that are being made overseas or sent away, expect the entire process to stretch to between one to two months.

While you may be able to pay for express delivery, remember that extra alterations may be needed after you first try it on.

True bespoke suits that are made completely from scratch are likely to take between two to three months.

Their express option will be in the range of five to six weeks, so it’s not a project that you can have completed in a rush.

It’s so important to take into consideration the time frame for a custom suit.

If you are having it made for a wedding or special occasion, make sure you leave plenty of time to account for any issues that may occur.

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How To Care For A Custom Suit

If you’ve decided to go ahead with a custom suit purchase, you’ll want to ensure you look after it carefully.

This will help to extend its life, making it a good value-for-money purchase in the long run.

Although it can be tempting to wear your snazzy new suit every day, try to give it a break every other day to keep it hanging up to retain its shape.

The best hangers are wood or plastic hangers that have rounded edges.

Try to find a hanger that will support the shoulders of your new suit, allowing it to return to its natural shape.

Buy a good suit brush to use with your suit, which is the quickest and safest way to keep your suit clean.

Be sure to spend a few moments brushing it down each time you wear it to remove any dirt that may have found its way onto the material.

While it can be tempting to regularly send a custom suit to the dry cleaners, try to minimize the number of times it’s dry cleaned.

This will only reduce the life of your suit in the long run, so it should only be done to remove smells or dirt.

Steaming is a great option and can help remove small stains and reduce odor.

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The Bottom Line

A custom suit is can be a great investment, but there are a few things you should consider before you buy one.

It’s not a quick or easy purchase, and the more elaborate the suit design you require, the more it’s going to cost you.

If you are thinking of creating a new suit for a special occasion, start the process a few months in advance to ensure it’s ready for the big day.

When cared for correctly, a custom suit can last you for years to come.

It will be tailored to fit your body perfectly and make you feel attractive and confident every time you wear it.

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