5 Best Ways To Soften A Stiff Jacket

5 Quick Tips To Soften A Stiff Jacket | Murston Co.

Are you looking for a few great ways to soften a stiff jacket?

There’s no doubt about it, a rigid jacket can be one of the most uncomfortable clothing items you ever wear. Luckily, there are various techniques you can employ to soften things up and improve your comfort.

So, whether you’re struggling with a new jacket, or a jacket that has stiffened-up after sitting in your closet for awhile, keep reading. Here are 5 quick tips to soften a stiff jacket.

1. Break It In (The Safest Method)

If you are concerned about your new jacket feeling stiff and you’ve only just purchased it, it’s safe to say this may just be a case of needing to break in your jacket.

While this may seem an obvious step, so many people lack the patience to wear-in clothing nowadays.

Cotton or leather jackets can be incredibly stiff when they’ve been stored in a warehouse for a long time, so it may just be a case of needing to wear the jacket for a little bit longer.

When first putting on a stiff jacket, you’ll want to move about and start to shift the fabric around while it’s on your body. Raise your arms above your head, bend your jacket at its elbows, and twist around from side to side.

Oh, and when you know you have a special event coming up that requires you to wear a jacket that’s been stiffening up in your closet, get it out ahead of time to loosen it up.

Ultimately, the more you wear a jacket, the looser and more comfortable it will become.

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2. Follow The Care Instructions On Your Jacket

One of the reasons any jacket may become stiff is purely because you are caring for it in the wrong manner. If you’ve not already, take the time to inspect the care instructions on your jacket. If it tells you to avoid washing it at a certain temperature or using a specific method, it’s time to stop washing it that way.

3. Take It To A Professional Cleaner (Dry Cleaner)

Whether it needs to be dry cleaned or not, one of the best ways to soften a stiff jacket is to employ the help of a professional dry cleaner.

They will have different tools and techniques to those we have at home, which they can apply to any material and jacket. While this may cost a little more than the other methods, ultimately, it will protect your jacket while also reducing stiffness. And seriously, if you’ve spent a fortune on a new jacket, it’s not worth the risk of ruining it by having a go yourself.

To put it simply, when in doubt, seek the help of a professional.

4. Wash Your Jacket

If you are able to wash the jacket in your machine at home, this is one of the quickest ways to soften it up. In fact, whenever you buy a new cotton jacket, this is one of the first things we recommend.

Remember, as with any article of clothing, be sure to check the tag and follow any special washing instructions. But if you can’t find that, here’s what we recommend.

Start your usual wash cycle with laundry detergent. If you’d like, you could also add ¼ cup of vinegar, however, this is not necessary. Or, if you don’t like using vinegar on your clothing, just use a regular fabric softener in its place. Once the wash cycle is finished, hang your wet jacket on a drying rack overnight, and then wear it the next day.

This is a simple and quick method that you can use the moment you bring your jacket home. And the best part is, if you ever feel like your jacket is stiffening, you can return to this method as often as you need.

5. Condition/Oil A Leather Jacket

The best way to soften a stiff leather jacket is to rub conditioner into it. You should do this every couple of months and use a conditioner that’s water-based and designed especially for this purpose. They will add moisture to your jacket and keep it feeling soft and supple for longer.

Important: be cautious when using oil on a leather jacket. Whenever possible, we recommend investing in a good leather conditioner. While cheap conditioners might seem enticing, it isn’t worth the risk of ruining your jacket.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to stiff jackets, the best course of action will be entirely dependent on the material it’s made from. If it’s just stiff from being a brand new jacket, we recommend having a little patience and waiting a few more weeks before deciding to take any action. It may just be a case of needing a little more wearing in time.

But if that doesn’t work, be sure to give the tips in this article a try. They have worked for us, and we are confident they will help you too.

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