How Long Do Common Projects Last?

Investing in a pair of Common Projects sneakers can set you back quite a bit of money. For that reason, many people think long and hard before purchasing these shoes, especially considering the wide variety of similar sneakers on the market today. While they are known for their high quality and craftsmanship, many consumers question whether they are worth paying so much extra for. To help you decide if you should go ahead with your purchase, we’re here to answer the question: how long do Common Projects last?

When treated with care, a pair of Common Projects should last you a minimum of two years of wear. After two years, many wearers still have bright white shoes that are perfectly intact. The quality of the material and construction of these shoes makes them a good long-term investment.

Having said that, as the most popular color of Common Projects is white, they always risk being damaged or stained. Any sneakers need to be treated with care, and if your new Common Projects are used in the wrong way, they won’t last you much longer than a year. Keep reading to learn more about Common Projects and how to extend their life.

What Are Common Projects?

You might be thinking to yourself, what’s so special about these Common Projects sneakers? Common Projects is a luxury footwear brand, which was founded in 2004. Co-founded by Prathan Poopat and Flavio Girolami, the brand is known for its plain sneakers, which offer one of the highest quality options on the market. Their original Achilles sneaker gained their cult following, and it provides users with a simple design that’s ideal for everyday use.

The company name came about as the co-founders were working together on several projects while being located in different countries. Their original sneaker offers a minimalist style, and each pair of shoes is hand-stitched in Italy. These sneakers often use high-quality Italian Nappa leather, and every pair features their signature line of digits on the heel. This number showcases the style, color, and size of your shoes in a gold foil material. GQ magazine has awarded the company Sneaker of the Week on two occasions, and the sneakers have attracted attention from media and consumers around the world.

What Type Of Shoes Do Common Projects Sell?

While the company started off with the original Achilles sneaker, they have since expanded their range of footwear. The company now offers footwear for men, women, and kids, as well as a small range of accessories, such as purses and belts. All of their products are made of top quality materials that fans have come to know and love and feature a stylish and minimalistic design. Their sneakers come in a wide variety of neutral shades, including white, brown, black, and burgundy.

The minimalistic style of Common Projects sets their shoes apart from other brands they could be compared with, such as Converse. The only decoration on most of their shoes is the ten gold numbers at the back, which has become a signature for the brand. Initially, these numbers could quite easily fade, but now they are stamped more permanently with gold foil. All of the shoes are made in Italy, and the factory in the Marche region had previously only been manufacturing leather dress shoes. The most popular styles of Common Projects sneakers include the white Achilles Low and the B-Ball Low.

How Much Will A Pair Of Common Projects Sneakers Cost You?

Available online and in a wide variety of high-end stores across the world, Common Projects will set you back quite a bit of money for a pair of sneakers! Their range of products for men, women, and kids are all at the high-end of the sneaker market price-wise. For a classic pair of Achilles sneakers, expect to pay $400. While the shoes originally retailed for $265, the price soon increased when the company didn’t make a profit after paying for the materials and manufacturing process.

While these are much pricier than brands such as Converse, it’s important to note these shoes are in a completely different category to fashion sneakers. With the high-quality leather that’s used in the design, these shoes are expected to last you for years to come and generally aren’t an impulse purchase that you’d buy at the mall! Naturally, many potential customers think paying $400 for a pair of plain sneakers is a bit crazy, which is easy to understand. However, their loyal fans will happily hand over their wallets for the newest designs on offer.

While you may be lucky enough to find certain designs in clearance sales from time-to-time online, you can expect to still be shelling out hundreds of dollars. It’s tough to directly compare this brand to anything else on the market today, as there’s simply nothing quite like them. If you are a sneaker connoisseur, you’ll be able to quickly tell the difference in quality between Common Projects and other cheaper brands. When you buy the sneakers, you’ll find they arrive in a dust bag for protection and come with another set of laces. If you are looking to try and get a discount on these shoes, try to wait for discount sales, or opt for a different color sole than white, as these are more commonly reduced.

How Long Do Common Projects Last?

Now that we’ve learned about the brand, it’s time to consider if they are really worth the money. These sneakers have the potential to last for many years, but the average time of wear appears to be around the two-year mark. However, some wearers have kept their sneakers for five years with good care and maintenance, and they still look as good as new! It can be difficult to justify the high price tag on the sneakers. However, if you divide the price by that many years of wear, they are a much more environmentally and budget-friendly option than constantly buying cheap pairs of shoes.

The thought process that has gone into these sneakers is apparent in every pair, which is one reason these shoes will last you so long. They have a narrow profile and flat toe, so they look light from a distance. This makes them a great pair of shoes to wear to work if you are allowed sneakers for your business casual wear. The sneakers feature a stitched sole and are extremely durable even when worn every single day.

Common Projects age extremely well in comparison to other sneakers, thanks to their leather and craftsmanship. We will detail some care tips below, which will help you to extend the life and wear of your new shoes. When these suggestions are followed, your new white sneakers will still look as good as new in two years.

Care Tips For Your Common Projects

The key to making your Common Projects last as long as five years is the care you give to your new pair of sneakers. If you are constantly wearing white sneakers in muddy fields or at grimy parties, they obviously won’t last as long as they could. To avoid dirt building up and discoloration, clear your shoes regularly with a damp rag. From time to time, you’ll want to brush them over with a horsehair brush and use a leather cleaner as well.

If you do experience any scuffs on your sneakers, use white leather cream. For the sole, a Magic Eraser will become your best friend to keep them looking as good as new. As the shoes are made from smooth leather, they are really easy to clean and look after, as dirt doesn’t easily get trapped in the material. While you may think looking after sneakers is an unnecessary hassle, it’s something you should be doing if you are planning to spend this much on a pair of shoes.

Some people opt to use a stain repellent spray on these sneakers, which can help minimize the chance of marks on your light shoes. A water-based repellent shouldn’t change the material’s texture but can offer you the opportunity to have pristine shoes for longer. While you might be trying to get the best value for money from these shoes, we’d also recommend not wearing your Common Projects every day. By opting to wear them every other day, you’ll give them a rest and help them last a much longer time.

The Bottom Line

There’s no denying that a pair of Common Projects are an expensive investment, but for anyone who takes pride in their appearance, they will make a fantastic addition to your wardrobe. They look great with any outfit and come in a wide range of styles and colors to fit everyone’s needs.

While the shoes should last you at least two years, you can extend their life by following our care tips above. By wiping your shoes down regularly and giving them a rest every other day, you’ll extend their life and enjoy wearing your Common Projects for years to come.

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