What To Wear To A Graduation Party? 11 Outfit Ideas For Women

What to wear to a graduation party for women? 11 outfit ideas | Murston Co.

Wondering what to wear to a graduation party? In this post, we’re going to share 11 stylish outfit ideas for women!

The time has come yet again for graduation parties to fill our calendars. And as each one approaches, finding something to wear becomes more and more prevalent. Whether the party is for you or a loved one, you’re likely to be involved in the festivities. Regardless, the question has lacked a proper answer for far too long. So, what should I wear to a graduation party?

In short, you should always lean toward semi-formal attire when attending a graduation party. Since it’s a celebration for a super special event, you should opt for a polished ensemble that will keep you confident and mingling all night.

On the contrary, if you’re heading to a simple backyard barbeque, you might be wondering if it’s cool to keep things casual. However, keeping things dressier is still probably the best way to go about attending a graduation party.

Whether you have several graduates to celebrate this year or just one, be ready to toast with these 11 outfit ideas for women to wear to graduation parties.

Let’s jump right in!


Unless you’re attending a fall university graduation, most of them are during late spring and early summer. Guess what that means? That’s right, sundress season.

Regardless of whether the party is indoors or out, a sundress will have you ready to party at any given moment. And, the best part is, they look gorgeous on everyone.

For more formal grad parties, dress up your favorite sundress—extra points if it has a gathered bodice—with a pair of strappy, nude heels that look great with anything. Pair the combo with a coordinating bag, and you’re good to go.

If you’re off to a casual garden party, go from day to play and opt for a flowy sundress and wear it alongside some flat sandals or some classic white sneakers.

Midi Skirt

Midi is all things fashion right now. And, with the option to dress them up or keep them lax, you can’t go wrong with a midi skirt. Not to mention, they’re available in all styles and patterns everywhere.

If you’ve got multiple grad parties filling up your weekends, you can find a new, different pattern for each one.

If you’re leaning toward casual yet chic vibes, slip on a patterned pleated midi skirt and tuck in a solid white tee. And we can’t forget, of course, your best white sneakers.

If it’s still a bit chilly, toss on a denim jacket and hit the road. Or, in a formal setting, try a satin midi skirt. They’re gorgeous and look great with anything. Pair your satin skirt with a well-fitting blouse, then tie everything together with some classic sock booties.

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Anything Linen

If you’ve never experienced linen, take it from me; it’s only the greatest material ever to exist. Try a linen dress, and we promise you’ll never take it off. Not to mention, you’ll stun everyone at the party. But, be careful—although it’s comfortable and lovely, it wrinkles easily.

Snag a smocked bodice off-the-shoulder linen dress. You can dress it up or down, and it’s sure to steal the spotlight. Graduate, who? Pair it with some square-toed stilettos or some super cute clogs. Toss in your favorite handbag, and you’re sure to win the award for best dressed.

Pencil Skirt

When in doubt, a traditional pencil skirt is the way to go. They’re simple, sleek, and super elegant.

If you’re committed to a Kim K style, try a beige, ribbed midi skirt and a white, tight-fitting top. Pair the blend with a pair of suede peep-toe mule heels for a chic yet sexy look.

Or go the opposite route with a vintage high-waisted houndstooth pencil skirt. Wear it alongside a solid blouse tucked in, and add a skinny belt and matching heels to the mix.

Wrap Dress

Wrap dresses are the new pink. Well, not exactly. But they’re close enough. They’re retailed everywhere–especially during spring and summer months–and are the perfect way to go both casual and dressy all at once.

A formal party would benefit from a gorgeous, flowy, midi wrap dress. With the A-line cut, it’s sure to look fabulous on anybody. Wear it alongside some coordinating sandal heels, and add some of your favorite jewelry.

Or, for a backyard barbecue deal, try a long-sleeved, knee-length wrap dress in a cute floral pattern to bring it to life. Wear it with some—you guessed it—white sneakers or a pair of cute, slim sandals.


When has a little black dress ever done anyone wrong? Whether the occasion calls for super formal or semi-formal attire, a little black dress is a great option and is always a winner.

Got a big toast for the graduate? Let an LBD exude some confidence for you. Whether you decide to wear one to a graduation party or not, every girl could benefit from adding one to her wardrobe.

Go Princess Diana with an off-the-shoulder bodycon dress and wear it with some classic stilettos. Or, for a more casual ensemble, try the conservative high-neck, balloon-sleeve textured black dress and wear it with some simple pumps.


Monochromatic is the best look of the season. And, it’s one of the easiest ways to promote those bombshell vibes that you’ve been dying to send off. You can go monochrome with any color, and for a graduation party, anything will do.

However, some solid places to start with a summer grad party are baby blue, pink, sage, and beige or brown. It’s not tough to nail the look; just be sure to keep all tones within the same color palette.

Feeling vibrant? Try a satin midi skirt and pair it alongside a thin, pink cardigan or blouse. Opt for some nude sandals or white sneakers and add some pink clips to your hair; boom, fierce.

Or, for more of a springtime get-up, try a beige bodycon dress and layer on a darker beige leather jacket. Then, tie the look together with some sock booties.

Blouse & Skirt Set

We love a cute set. And, when it’s a blouse and skirt combo, it’s even better. A matching set can be the simplest way to drop by for both casual and formal parties. Whether it’s patterned or solid, you truly can’t go wrong with a classic combo.

Illuminate some beach vibes with a flowy, ruffled-hem midi skirt and a front-tie blouse combo. Mix in some flat sandals and gold jewelry to polish things off.

Or, go full-Clueless with a button-up skirt featuring pocket flaps and a matching crop top. Add in some sandal heels and a chignon, and you’re ready to go.

Cocktail Dress

A cocktail dress is one of the best choices for a graduation party. It’s the perfect level of sophistication while it keeps you cool, comfortable, and confident. Not to mention, there are hundreds of styles available, so you certainly have options.

A sweet and flirty pick is a form-fitted, low-cut frill-hem satin midi dress. It’s a formal choice that also works in less-than-formal situations. Try a fun pattern like leopard and pair it with a simple strappy heel.

Or, go for something even more romantic with a vintage, floral tea-length dress. It’s the perfect choice to add a bit of Southern flair to your evening.

Wide-Leg Dress Pants

Who said pants aren’t dressy? Some high-waisted wide-leg pants can make the most beautiful debut at a graduation party. They’ll add some chic energy while making you feel like a super baddie.

There are plenty of options for wide-leg pants on the market, but when you’re attending a grad party, steer away from flowy or beachy pants and go for more of a dress pant look.

Go clean with some white or cream high-waisted, ruched wide-leg dress pants. Then, pair them with a coordinating one-shoulder tank and some stiletto pumps. Don’t forget a classy handbag to wrap things up!

Or, try a darker vibe with some navy high-waisted wide-leg dress pants and a nude and light lace blouse to match. Slip on some open-toed heels, and you’re ready to celebrate.


One step up from wide-leg pants is the perfect jumpsuit. From comfy to formal, there are plenty of gorgeous jumpsuits retailed today. If you’re not a dress gal, a jumpsuit is everything you never knew you needed.

They’re all the elegance without any fuss.

For a formal party, try a satin jumpsuit with long sleeves and a tie around the waist. Adding a classic clutch and some heels will ensure you look and feel your best.

Try a tea jumpsuit with cropped legs and an open back with a super cute pattern, and pair it alongside some sandal heels to give it some pizzazz.

Bottom Line

Celebrating such an important milestone of life is essential, and looking great while doing it is just as necessary. Photos at these events will last a lifetime. So, to ensure that you blend well into the party, a semi-formal ensemble is in order.

To make sure you’re well dressed and ready to toast to the graduates, try one of these numbers on for size. You’re sure to find something you love.

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