Can You Wear A Flannel Shirt With Shorts?

Can you wear a flannel shirt with shorts? | Murston Co.

If you’re the kind of person that likes to keep your lower half cool, but your upper half warm, then wearing a flannel shirt with shorts is like a match made in heaven. But aren’t flannel shirts typically worn with jeans or casual trousers? If you love wearing flannel shirts throughout the year, today we’re going to help you decide: can you wear a flannel with shorts?

Yes, you can wear a flannel shirt with shorts provided that your shorts are made of the right material. For example, flannels typically work well with denim, khaki, or chino shorts. However, you should avoid wearing a flannel shirt with gym shorts, as this combination will look very strange.

If you want to learn more about wearing a flannel with shorts and how to pull this look off, keep reading.

What Is A Flannel Shirt?

If you aren’t familiar with a flannel shirt, it’s a shirt that’s made from a wool or cotton material that is soft and woven. Farmers originally wore this style, as they enjoyed how warm and comfortable this material was when working outside all day. Over the years, the classic plaid print was added, and this is now the pattern and style most associated with flannel shirts.

Flannel shirts became a popular style choice in the 1990s when they became a cool, modern, and trendy item of clothing for young people to wear.

Over time, this style has been adopted by men and women alike, and these shirts are ideal for anyone looking for a casual and comfortable piece of clothing.

This style of shirt often has a plaid print; however, they also come in plain designs. But regardless of the style you choose, both options will be well worth considering if you are opting to wear shorts with your flannel.

When Can I Wear A Flannel Shirt?

Before even considering wearing a flannel shirt with shorts, you need to understand where and when a flannel is appropriate to wear in the first place.

A flannel shirt is without a doubt a casual piece of clothing. Because of that, many people just wear their flannel shirts at home or in the garden, where they are the ideal comfy clothing choice to wear during your time off from work.

But just because a flannel shirt is typically worn for casual settings doesn’t mean it isn’t stylish.

In fact, for a trendy weekend look, a flannel with shorts is a fantastic option. In most cases, you can wear this look to casual lunch dates or to drinks with friends at a laid-back bar.

How To Style A Flannel Shirt

A flannel shirt offers a very distinctive look, so you’ll need to take good care when styling your outfit. Even if you are dressing for a casual occasion, try to avoid sweat pants or baggy trousers, as this will look untidy and appear as if you’ve made no effort at all.

Jeans are our favorite option for pairing with a flannel, and, in particular, black jeans are a great choice for a more edgy look. As far as shoes, a pair of flip flops or boots will finish off your outfit nicely.

As an added note, many people opt to wear a plain t-shirt underneath their flannel shirt to provide extra warmth and comfort. You may also choose to layer a denim jacket over the top of your flannel shirt.

In warmer months, a flannel shirt can even make a great alternative to a jacket–as long as there isn’t rain in the forecast. Additionally, if you do find yourself feeling hot and stuffy, roll the sleeves a few times, and they’ll stay in place.

If shorts aren’t really your thing, you can just as easily elevate the outfit by adding a pair of dark jeans or chinos on the bottom.

Important note: nothing says sloppy and out-of-style more than clothes that don’t fit your body type. So, as with any item of clothing, when you opt for a flannel, make sure it fits you properly, and in a way that flatters your body style; not too baggy, and definitely not too tight.

Styling A Flannel Shirt With Shorts

As flannels are mainly reserved for casual settings, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear a flannel shirt with shorts. However, you’ll need to take into account certain things when opting for this casual pairing.

Of course, this should only be worn in hotter weather, as the combination will look very odd if worn in cold weather. Your flannel should be well cut to fit your body, and you’ll want to avoid oversized ones that hang loosely off you. As well as that, we recommend trying this combination out first with a plain flannel. While a plaid pattern can be worn with shorts just as well, if this is your first attempt at the combination, a solid-colored flannel is your safest bet.

As far as shorts, you’ll want to find a plain pair of shorts that also fit well to your body. Baggy shorts paired with an oversized flannel looks extremely sloppy–so don’t do it. For a really polished look, finish off your outfit with a clean-looking belt and a stylish pair of shoes (ahem, Sperrys are our favorites).

The Best Shorts To Wear With A Flannel Shirt

Of all the choices, khaki or chino shorts are our favorite option to wear with a flannel shirt. Try to opt for chino shorts in a color that pairs well with your flannel, whether that’s a plain one or plaid design. Many of these shorts look really sophisticated and will help to elevate the outfit.

Denim shorts are also a great option to wear with a flannel. Try to find a darker shade of denim, as this generally looks much better than lighter colors. Alternatively, black denim is a great option and gives an edgy and fashionable look to your outfit. If you opt for denim shorts, try to keep them reasonably tight-fitting and just above knee-length.

As far as shorts to avoid, don’t ever wear baggy shorts, such as gym shorts or swimwear with a flannel shirt. These will not only look incredibly sloppy but also make it look like you made no effort whatsoever with your appearance. As an added precaution, try to avoid shorts with any kind of pattern. Patterns can make your outfit look a little too busy, and therefore, wreck the overall laid-back, stylish look that a flannel provides.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, a flannel shirt can be worn with shorts, but only when the outfit is properly considered beforehand. Think carefully about the material, length, and fit of your shorts, and also avoid a flannel that is too baggy.

Oh, and when in doubt, remember that a flannel with shorts is meant for casual settings. While a relaxed restaurant or bar may allow this combination, it won’t work for more formal occasions. 

If you’ve made it this far, we hope we’ve inspired you to try this combination during the warmer months. Also, if you’ve enjoyed this insight into men’s fashion ideas, subscribe to our newsletter for more interesting discussions and inspiration for your personal wardrobe.

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