9 Best Tie Colors For A Navy Suit

Picking the right tie is essential when wearing a suit. Fortunately, in this guide, we’ve compiled a list of the 9 best tie colors to wear with a navy suit.

Ah, the blue suit. Only one of the most versatile and dependable suits. The one that you can usually find in any man’s closet. Nonetheless, while it’s fairly common and easy to wear, there are various ways to destroy a blue-suit ensemble—a classic being the tie it’s paired with.

There are good color combinations, and there are bad ones. But, it can be tough to know every fashion faux pas to avoid.

Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of nine of the best tie colors to wear with a navy suit. So, you’ll never have to question whether your favorite lucky tie will cause a blunder.

Without further ado, let’s jump in.

1. Navy

While wearing a navy tie with a navy suit may sound odd, trust us on this one. Pairing a navy tie with a blue suit is a classic look that combines sophistication and ease.

Navy on navy is a lovely monochromatic look that you can never go wrong with. However, there is a correct way to pair a similar color tie and suit—the secret is to put some good patterns to use.

Button up a crisp white or light blue dress shirt under your blue suit. Pick a navy tie that is not quite the same shade as your suit but remains in the same realm and ensure that it’s patterned.

A navy tie with white polka dots always makes a lovely addition to the blue suit look. Or, try a plaid style with a navy base to add a subtle pop of color.

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2. Dark Red

Red is a powerful color. If you’re looking to wear a navy blue suit to a business meeting, an interview, or even just to the office, a dark red tie can help you look and feel confident. Not to mention, red’s level of contrast adds a clean, sharp look that pairs super well with navy.

Mix things up a bit with a geometric or even a red paisley tie. Pair it with a corresponding dress shirt—or a simple white or blue—that will help deepen the contrast and add some boldness to your look. Finish it off with a nice pair of loafers, and you’re good to go.

3. Grey

It’s not as boring as it sounds. Wearing grey with a blue suit practically screams sophistication. If prints or patterns aren’t your thing, a solid grey tie is one of the best alternatives.

But, a grey pattern can also liven up the ensemble just enough to get you noticed. However, keep in mind that it might be in your best interest to skip out on the solid silver silk tie—unless you’re going for the Tin Man look.

Toss on your nicest white dress shirt and your favorite blue suit. Then, with some clean Oxford dress shoes and your best matching belt, slip on a simple charcoal grey linen tie to add some charm without sacrificing elegance. Or, mix things up a bit and try a grey houndstooth wool tie to add some classic, retro vibes to the mix.

4. Yellow

For a little bit of added sunshine, yellow is a stellar choice to pair with navy blue—especially if you’re looking to mix things up and add some stark contrast. Not only is it a fun, clear-cut method for standing out in the crowd, but it’s a fact that wearing yellow can make you feel happier (at least in our book).

With your best navy-blue suit, button-up a crisp white or blue dress shirt. Heck, even a patterned dress shirt can be a great addition—if it’s in keeping with the blue tones, of course.

In autumn months, a nice mustard-toned checkered tie is a great way to set the mood and keep things lively.

In spring, forget whether the groundhog saw its shadow—if you strap on a pastel yellow floral tie, everyone will be looking to you for the commencement of warm weather and blossoming trees. Not to mention, it’s a great way to keep things subtle yet playful.

5. Light Blue

Light blue seems to be commonly overlooked in the tie world. While it’s fun to play around with patterns and crazy prints, a light blue tie is a gorgeous addition to a navy blue get-up.

Light blue falls in the same realm but adds a simple and polished contrast to the rest of the look. Not to mention, light blue doesn’t need a pattern to keep it interesting—although it doesn’t shy away from them, either.

A patterned dress shirt—like navy and white stripes—can be your star player while you’re sporting a navy suit. And, a light blue tie won’t steal its thunder.

However, ensure that the tie pattern you choose isn’t a direct eyesore. That said, with a striped shirt, try a light blue polka dot or even a paisley pattern. Just be sure your prints don’t clash, and you’ll be good to go.

6. Burgundy

Burgundy is all the rage right now. And when I say all the rage, I mean all the rage. But for a good reason. Burgundy is a gorgeous shade, and it’s versatile to go well with nearly anything, including a navy-blue suit.

For an out-of-the-box burgundy look, try your navy-blue suit with a white dress shirt, and grey vest, and, of course, a patterned burgundy tie. A good choice is always polka dots or novelty for a bit of an edge.

Or, a blue suit and solid burgundy tie alongside a white dress shirt is a classic look. However, you can also add some flair with a blush or pastel, pink-colored shirt.

7. Purple

Purple may sound like a bold choice, and it very well maybe. However, even as it might not seem like a great color to go alongside a navy suit, it makes a gorgeous combination. You can opt for deeper tones like plum or even go lighter with lavender. Regardless, you can’t go wrong with purple.

While a white shirt is always the go-to option, allow yourself to reach for different colors. Purple ties can complement light blue shirts or even pastel shades of purple (my personal favorite).

Button up your trusty blue suit and add a complimentary pocket square to the mix for some additional pop.

8. Green

Green gives off some specific vibes—in all of the good ways. It may seem like a weird color combination, but green and blue can absolutely work. But, there are certainly ways to do green right.

It’s typically best to avoid the lime green tones. Otherwise, you’re probably safe with any green tie. With your blue suit, try a cream or ivory dress shirt. Add in a fun pocket square and be on your way.

9. Brown

Brown falls in the same category as burgundy—it’s tough to wear it wrong. Nonetheless, brown can be a great addition to your blue suit, especially in professional settings. Whether it’s an espresso brown or khaki, you’ll look dapper and well-groomed.

Grab your navy blue suit and trusty white dress shirt and wear the pair with a dark brown wool tie. Add in your best loafers and you’re all set.

Or, for more of a statement, try more of a rust-brown tie with a corresponding pocket square. You can even wear it with a light blue dress shirt and still sport some chic, modern energy.

Bottom Line

A navy blue suit is likely your most trusted buddy; from weddings to office meetings, it’s been there for you through thick and thin.

Regardless, it can feel a bit risky to wear certain tie colors alongside the blue hues. But, you don’t have to question whether your tie will cause a fashion mishap on an important day. Any color you choose is probably a great companion; wear it with confidence.

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