10 Best Places To Buy Ties Online

Are you looking for a great place to buy ties online?

With so many options out there, finding the perfect tie can be overwhelming. Besides that, if you don’t know where to look, you might end up spending more than necessary.

With that said, I’m going to unearth 10 of the best places to buy ties online. So, all you need to do is add to your cart, pay, and wait until your new super neat tie reaches your front door.

1. Ties.com

Hence its name, Ties.com has one of the largest selections of ties. They offer average neckties, novelty ties, skinny ties, and even bow ties. Not only that, but Ties.com also retails dress shirts, socks, tie bars, and wallets. So, honestly, Ties.com is your one-stop-shop for all things formalwear.

If you’re searching for a classic solid silk tie, the Essential Black Tie is one of your best bets. A black tie isn’t your thing? No worries. It’s available in nearly every color of the rainbow.

And, the best part is that you can choose your width. Ties.com also has a huge collection of novelty ties, so you can find any pattern you’re looking for.

2. Amazon

Ah, Amazon. Only the greatest and most successful online shopping sites throughout the world. Amazon sells absolutely anything you can think of, and ties are no exception. They have super cool patterns, as well as several high-quality and well-known brands.

If you’re strapped for time or your budget doesn’t accommodate for a super pricey tie, Amazon is the best place to go. They have thousands of options for a fraction of the average retail price.

One of the best-selling ties on the site is the MENDEPOT Bee Necktie. It’s a super sleek black tie with gold bees patterned throughout.

The MENDEPOT brand is well-known and offers quality ties—the bee pattern is only one of many, but it maintains a five-star rating because it’s too cool.

Another great option is the DAZI skinny-tie, which is available in 26 different patterns and colors, including floral, flamingos, and graffiti. You can’t go wrong.

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3. Bonobos

The super classy and stylish brand Bonobos is well-known for their suit collection, but they also retail men’s apparel for any occasion.

Regardless, their modern take on classic fashion makes them one of the best online retailers in the industry. Not to mention, they have a considerable selection of ties that are available in a range of fabrics, including silk, linen, and cotton.

Bonobos has options for everyone, and they’re all manufactured in the United States.

4. The Tie Bar

Greg and Gina Shugar originally founded the Tie Bar in 2004, and the company has been manufacturing original ties ever since. The company also retails other men’s apparel, including dress shirts, sweaters, pants, socks, accessories, bowties, and plenty more.

What’s super unique about The Tie Bar is its wide range of fabric options. They offer Italian wool, silk and wool knit, cotton, and linen. And, their prices definitely won’t break the bank.

The Tie Bar’s Hinterland Floral Tie is one of their bestsellers, and for a good reason. The tie features bold flowers that add just the right amount of pop to a formal ensemble. It’s also available in several different colors.

Aside from that, their Bhldn Linen Row Tie comes in eight different shades and is the perfect staple tie to have on deck. Its subtlety adds a lovely touch to any occasion.

5. Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers has been around for more than 200 years. Which, in turn, has given them plenty of time to nail down some high-quality apparel.

Their clothing is both fashionable and functional, offering some of the best fabrics and materials to create comfortable items. Even though the company specializes in suits and formalwear, they also offer other retail pieces for men, women, and kids.

One of our favorites in their collection is the Neat Shade Bowtie. It’s a beautiful gold-yellow with blue and white accents, and it makes for a perfectly classic take on the average bowtie because it’s super sophisticated and sleek.

You also couldn’t go wrong with their bestseller, the Pink Madras Tie, a pink plaid cotton tie that is perfect for spring and summer events.

6. Banana Republic

As one of the most classic and iconic retailers, Banana Republic is well known for its original and unique style.

As a partner with Gap Inc., Banana Republic continues to sell modern apparel for men and women and maintain its slogan of “No Boundaries.”

While it isn’t necessarily known for its selection of ties, Banana Republic has a great selection. Not to mention, they typically have some great promotions online.

Banana Republic offers classic prints and basic solids to match any ensemble. For example, the Tonal Paisley Silk Tie features a beautiful paisley pattern that would be a perfect addition to any monochromatic ensemble or black-tie event.

7. Nordstrom

In addition to its quality brands and apparel, Nordstrom’s online shopping experience is second to none. While they provide plenty of pages to scroll through, they also allow you to shop by occasion.

What’s even better is that Nordstrom’s site allows you to shop for ties by length, material, brand, color, and width. It doesn’t get better than that.

Big Star Wars fan? Well, you’re in luck. Nordstrom has the best Yoda tie, a beautiful green paisley tie that features everyone’s favorite character’s face. It’s truly all in the details.

But, if you’d prefer something outside of the sci-fi world, they have plenty of selections.

8. Men’s Wearhouse

You didn’t think We’d forget about Men’s Wearhouse, did you?

They’re only one of the largest formalwear retailers in this modern age. And, their online store has some killer deals that their brick-and-mortar shops tend not to offer.

To give you an idea, they often have suits on clearance for as low as $50. Yeah, I said it. And, because of their experience in the industry, they always retail some impressive ties.

The Pronto Uomo Taupe Strip & Check Tie is one of their highest-rated ties and is a great style to keep in your closet because it’s likely to go with most typical suits. I

t’s a black diagonal stripe and incorporates blue and taupe throughout.

For something a bit less solemn but still sophisticated, Men’s Wearhouse retails the Tommy Hilfiger Blue Floral Tie, which is a fun option that is also likely to coordinate well with most suits.

9. Macy’s

Adding to its wide selection of apparel for men, women, and children, Macy’s features some top-notch formalwear, including ties.

The online shop has over 800 necktie choices, and what’s even better is that they offer free shipping when you spend over $25. And, you can specify your tie type and width to narrow down your options.

Of all solid-colored ties, Calvin Klein has outdone himself with the Silver Spun Solid Slim Tie. It’s a woven tie with a bit of texture that makes for the perfect subtle look. And, it’s available in five dark tones, each one as eye-catching as the next.

If we’re talking paisley, then Michael Kors’ Classic Paisley Silk Tie is a sleek choice. It features light blue and orange tones in a large paisley pattern that can’t be beat.

10. Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue is home to a wide variety of classic ties with beautiful patterns. They feature plenty of brand-name labels like Ralph Lauren, Ermenegildo Zelga, and Brioni.

Saks’ prices range along with the brand’s value, but there are a plethora of options to choose from.

Final Thoughts

Tie shopping doesn’t have to be difficult, Even if you’re one to procrastinate until the last minute. With ten of the best places to buy a tie online, you’re bound to find one that will suit you and your style perfectly. Happy knotting!

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