15 Best Hat Styles For Women

Looking for the best hat styles for women? We’ve got you covered with this list of 15 hat styles every woman should try.

Hats are in, and, for a good reason. Tossing on a hat is the easiest way to jazz up an average, everyday outfit and turn it into something you’ll never want to take off. Not to mention, hats are sometimes necessary.

To all of you ladies who are on day five hair and fresh out of dry shampoo, We’re talking to you. From protecting our skin from the sun to protecting our souls from boring ensembles, hats reign the realm of accessories.

If you’re ready to leap into the world of hats, we’ll dive deep into 15 of the best hat styles for women. With any of these options, you’ll never have to show the top of your head again; but don’t blame me when you start to miss it.

So, without further ado, let’s jump right in!

Rancher Hats

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve likely recognized that rancher hats are the new the black. The rancher hat gives off some total Western vibes that you never knew you needed. And you can pair it with anything.

Try a felt camel rancher paired with a chic midi dress and some snakeskin boots. Go more casual with a straw rancher and some statement shorts. Or, rock the cowboy route with a black rancher with a roll and some silver detailing on the hatband.

However you wear it, the rancher hat is the perfect addition to any girl’s closet.

Bucket Hats

Believe it or not, bucket hats made a comeback last year—and even made their way to 2020’s Fashion Week. Maybe we didn’t appreciate them back in the 90s, but we certainly won’t disregard them this time around.

Bucket hats work for every season, and they look super trendy with even the most casual outfits. Toss on a black bucket hat with some high-waisted cargo pants and a tight-fitted tee. Take it one step further with your favorite chunky sneakers.

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Yes, berets are super stylish, even if you aren’t Lilly Collins rocking them in Emily in Paris. Berets are supported, even outside of France.

Various models showcased the beret at different shows in 2020, which signals their in-style emergence. You can spice up any Parisian-inspired get-ups with a classic wool beret or take things a bit more dangerously with a leather one.

Either way, we’re here for it, sister.

Sun Hats

Not only do they help you avoid skin cancer (which we’re all trying to do, right ladies?), but they also add a bit of flair to even the most basic beachwear. They’re gorgeous and scream “glamorous.”

Try one on for size and see how elegant it makes you feel. But it won’t be my fault when you spend your next paycheck on multiple brim widths.

A sun hat would go perfectly with your favorite two-piece, a flowy maxi dress, or even some denim shorts and a tank.

Baseball Caps

A baseball cap is like that reliable friend that you can call when you aren’t feeling your best, and they’ll hype you up. I’ll be the first to say that some of my best buds are the baseball caps scattered throughout my house.

When you wake up late, you’re heading to the gym, or your hair just isn’t staying put, toss on a baseball cap and get a move on with the day. And, spoiler alert: you can wear them anywhere, not just baseball games.

Throw a baseball cap on with some jeans and a tee, some biker shorts and a sweatshirt, or even wear one with your favorite casual sundress.


The word “fedora” probably makes you cringe. And, unless we were the only people who lived through the early 2000s, I’m sure we’re not alone.

Fedoras weren’t always the most lovable fashion icon. But, since their recent comeback, a whole new world of fedoras has been opened. You can find some subtle, gorgeous fedoras on the market today, and they’re generally more neutral and well-fitted.

Take a brown, wide-brim fedora and pair it alongside some high-waisted Levi’s and a tucked-in button-down. Toss on some low-cut booties and a trench coat for colder climates.


If you’ve been waiting for boaters to re-emerge, the time has finally come. A boater hat has been around for years. Men often sported them for boating events–hence the name. But, thanks to Coco Chanel, they became fashionable for women in the early 20th century.

They have a particularly flat and stiff crown with a circular shape. They’re super popular, and you can find them in felt, straw, and generally any other material.

Pair a boater with a chic summer dress and some strappy sandals. Or, wear one with some tapered linen pants and a blazer. The options are endless.


Visors are great for playing tennis. But they’re even more stylish off the court. They often make the perfect sunshade, and you don’t have to break a sweat while you’re wearing one.

And, even better, they’ll make the perfect hat when you don’t want to lose that killer ponytail. To add some super-cute glam to a beach day get-up, try a straw visor alongside a linen button-up and some khaki shorts.


Dress them up or dress them down; there’s no wrong way to wear a beanie. Not only are they super useful for fall and winter, but they’re also some of the cutest accessories. And, they look great on everyone.

Whether you’re a tight-fit or slouch type of person, there are beanies for every look. Pair a black beanie with an all-black ensemble to tie everything together.

Panama Hats

Panama hats are some of the most stylish choices in hat history. And, if Meghan Markle can wear them, why not you? Panama hats look great with nearly anything, from casual looks to chic and sophisticated styles.

Wear one with some skinny jeans, flat sandals, and a simple tank, or add one to your favorite cream blazer and some tapered camel dress pants and some heels. Whatever you choose to pair with your hat, the cream tones of Panama are calling your name. Answer them.

Baker Boy Hats

To be completely transparent, we didn’t realize baker boy hats could ever be stylish. Boy, were we wrong. There are plenty of ways to style a baker cap, and not one of them lacks any flair.

If you’re looking to send out some bombshell energy, slip into a black leather skirt and tuck in a vintage tee. Tie things in with a simple, black baker boy hat.

For a simple yet chic fit for fall, start with some black, straight-leg cut-offs and an oversized sweater. Then, work a camel baker cap and some matching booties to give your outfit some life.

Wide-Brim Floppy Hats

You didn’t think we’d leave out the floppy hats, did you? They’re only the most fashion-forward staple to every woman’s wardrobe. Commonly available in felt, the floppy hat is super comfortable and versatile enough to wear not once, not twice, but as many times as you want.

Honestly, you might never take this one off. Slip into your favorite flowy midi dress and toss on a leather jacket and some sock booties. And, of course, tie the look together with a black, wide-brimmed hat.

If dresses aren’t your cup of tea, hop into some retro, wide-leg pants and a coordinating blouse. Your floppy hat is about to be the greatest compliment your outfit has ever seen.

Crusher Hats

It’s like a bucket hat but features a wider brim to allow your face the shade it truly deserves. Are you heading out to harvest tomatoes or take a stroll through the park? Nobody will ever know.

A cotton crusher hat is super valuable—you can take it off at the drop of a hat (see what I did there?) and fold it right up. It’ll even fit in your pocket. Pair a white or beige crusher with a classic denim jacket, a white tee, and some sneakers.


Make vintage modern with a cloche hat. The French-style cap was originally named “cloche,” the French word for “bell,” due to its simple shape. Although they’re not extremely popular in modern fashion, cloche hats are a gorgeous way to add some elegance to any ensemble.

Their wool material also allows for plenty of warmth and comfort in the winter months. Try a pinstripe dress pant with a black blouse and a red statement trench coat. Bring everything together with a black cloche hat and some classic pumps.


Okay, a scarf isn’t quite a hat, but they’re a beautiful accessory that makes for a fantastic headpiece. And, we should be glad the vintage style is making a resurgence.

Silk headscarves can be found in literally any pattern, making them super versatile. Not to mention, you can tie them however you’d like, and they’ll always be a sophisticated and stellar choice.

Try an all-white outfit this summer with some white linen pants and a white wrap top. Then, tie your hair up in a white headscarf and let your confidence do the talking.

Or, go full-vintage with some pleated trousers and a blazer. Tie your headscarf to frame your face, and, of course, add some sunglasses.

Bottom Line

Hats are back. Regardless of the style that fits you best, it’s scientifically proven—or at least fashionably proven—that a hat will put in work to make your favorite outfits exude the most cultured and polished vibes.

So, before you leave the house, snag your favorite hat style and let it act as the perfect accessory to your already-trendy outfit. It won’t disappoint.

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