7 Best Colors To Wear With Orange (For Women)

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While orange is a bold and fun color to wear, it can be tough to know what colors compliment it.

Whether you want to match your outfit with additional orange hues or you prefer contrasting colors that will showcase your personality, orange is more versatile than you’d think.

But the fiery hue can also be a risky shade, and wearing it wrong can quickly become a recipe for a fashion catastrophe. So, the question stands. What colors should I wear with orange?

In short, some of the best colors to wear with orange include cream, beige, and anything neutral that can give the orange a chance to shine. On the contrary, wearing orange with other vibrant colors, such as red, can be far too overpowering.

However, orange can look great alongside plenty of bold shades when done right.

Wearing orange takes a bit of confidence—it certainly differs from the trusty black tees we reach for on most days of the week.

So, to give you a head start in branching out toward the more eye-catching shade, we’ll uncover seven of the best colors to wear with orange.

Without further ado, let’s jump in!

7 Colors To Wear With Orange

Although sporting bright orange can be intimidating, the colors you pair it with can make it the ensemble of a lifetime. Not to mention, there are plenty of options outside of the striking hue, and you can certainly reach toward a less daunting shade of orange depending on your style.

Whether it’s a creamsicle tone or a beautiful rust shade, there are plenty of colors to pair orange with.

And we’re here to give you our top seven color combinations for you to try on your next night out. Soon enough, you’ll be thinking of orange as the most flexible color in your closet.

White or Cream

When in doubt, opt for white. White and cream are the simplest neutral tones to wear alongside orange, and it can be a great way to add some subtle flair to the getup without overdoing things.

Not to mention, you don’t have to worry about color clashing. So, if you’re on the fence about wearing your new orange pants, wearing them with white or cream can help tone down the look and give you just the right amount of confidence in a clean and sophisticated way.

Heading out on a warm summer night for drinks with the girls? Go bold with an orange or coral-toned blouse tucked into a pair of cream high-waisted, wide-leg pants.

Complete the look with a corresponding belt and a pair of open-toed wedges to polish things off. For more of a casual ensemble, try a pair of vibrant orange chinos with a white vintage tee.

Buckle up a black skinny belt and lace-up some black hi-top sneakers to pull the look together, and voila!

Grey or Black

It may sound a bit Halloween-like, but wearing orange with black or grey can make a sophisticated and very classy color combination. Black and grey are neutral tones that can typically look fabulous with any color, and orange gives a pop of life into an ensemble that you never knew you needed.

For a casual, everyday look, try a pair of black skinny jeans (don’t worry about what Gen Z says—we still think they’re fashionable) and an oversized orange sweater.

If it’s warmer out, opt for a lighter weight top. Do a nice little front tuck, and slip into a pair of snakeskin ankle booties or some stylish mules. Or, dress up a rust-toned pencil skirt with a form-fitting charcoal blouse. Add in a belt to tie the two in, and strap on a pair of sandal heels. You’re ready to hit the town.

Olive Green

This one may sound a bit odd when you first give it a thought, but olive green and orange can make for one of the most fashionable statements in autumn months. We love a classic olive tone; and when worn alongside a less-vibrant, more subtle orange, you’ll have all eyes on you in the best way possible. Gigi Hadid has sported the look; why can’t you?

Try a pair of high-waisted, olive-green dress pants and cuff the bottoms to allow your ankles to shine. For a day-to-day look, layer on an orange hoodie.

But, for your sake, avoid anything remotely similar to traffic cone orange. Try a subtle-yet-classy orange tone, and opt for a hoodie that is not too baggy. Tuck the front in and slip on some black loafers. In chillier temperatures, a denim jacket can also be a great addition.

If you’d like more of a dressy look that shows you’re ready to take on the nightlife, try the olive dress pants with a burnt orange, square-neck, cropped sweater. Swap out your loafers for a pair of strappy leopard heels, and you’re ready to paint the town red (or should we say “orange”?).


Here’s another whammy—orange with purple. That’s right; we said it. This color combo might also give you Halloween vibes, but let’s face it: Halloween is the best holiday, right? Regardless, orange and purple can make a stunning duo. Here’s how to wear it right:

Lavender is everything right now, and for a good reason. Toss on a burnt orange satin slip dress (all the better if it’s patterned), and layer on a flowy lavender crop-top.

Dress the look down with a pair of white sneakers, or keep things chic with some coordinating pumps. Don’t forget a classic handbag, and strut your look with confidence. For a business-friendly look, try a pair of orange dress pants, a beige top, and a plum purple overcoat. Polish things off with some classy heels to show everyone who’s boss.


Blue is also surprisingly complimentary when worn alongside orange. While a light, periwinkle blue can send off those vintage vibes that everyone dreams of, a navy blue next to orange is a classic, fun look that’ll have all eyes on you. Regardless, although blue might seem daunting, it’s tough to wear the pair wrong.

Try a sky-blue pleated, satin midi skirt with a subtle-orange turtleneck. Layer on an orange-brown leather Sherpa jacket, and coordinate with a pair of orange-brown leather ankle booties. Tie the look together with an orange handbag, and you’re ready to take on the day.

Or, for a casual get-up, try a white button-up under an oversized, dark navy-blue V-neck sweater. Tuck it into a pair of bright orange high-waisted cargo pants, and lace-up some white sneakers or some beige loafers for a simple yet stylish look.

Beige or Brown

Orange and beige are a gorgeous couple, and for darker tones of orange, brown is a girl’s best friend. If you’re looking to tone down the boldness, brown and beige will do the job, and they’ll do it well. They’re classy, timeless, and ideal for allowing your orange to steal the spotlight.

In autumn months, try a pair of high-waisted rust-colored pants. Pair the bottoms with a vintage, old-timey sweater that carries corresponding hues, and layer on an espresso brown leather jacket.

Round the look off with a pair of white booties or some beige suede combat boots. For more of a springtime ensemble, wear a pair of khaki chinos with a classic orange tee-shirt. Wear a pair of black and white checkered slip-on sneakers, and you’ve got a look that’s perfect for going out or staying in.


Since it’s in close proximity to orange in terms of the color wheel, burgundy can be the ideal match for a sophisticated, welcoming outfit. Not to mention, they’re two of fashion’s most beloved colors—what could go wrong?

Keep things easy-breezy with an orange, knee-length sweater dress, and wear it alongside a pair of burgundy suede over-the-knee boots.

Toss on some accompanying jewelry and add in a burgundy handbag.

Or, if you’re on the hunt to send even more of a statement, try a long-sleeved, vivid orange, well-fitted scoop neck, and layer on a burgundy, satin midi slip dress. Add in a pair of bold heels and a matching bag to polish everything off, and you’ve found the perfect way to showcase your fierceness.

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Be Striking; Wear the Orange

Orange is a lovely color that can be difficult to work with. It’s a hot, bold hue, and it can definitely be an excellent way to add some pop to your outfit.

Not to mention, it’s the best shade to toss on if you want to exhibit your stellar personality. Nonetheless, if you’re still on the fence about going bold with an orange ensemble, don’t fret. With the help of these seven color combinations, you’re well on your way toward being a style icon.

Whichever color you choose to pair with the shade, don’t forget to bring your confidence along for the ride. When you feel good, you look good—regardless of your style choices.

Wear what makes you feel best, and you’ll be sure to be the best-dressed gal in the room (and we mean every room).

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