Are Zipper Ties Professional?

Is a zipper tie professional? | Murston Co.

When it comes to creating a professional appearance for work or formal events, a tie is usually the final accessory that completes your look. Over the past years, many handy developments have come about in the world of men’s fashion to make life easier for men dressing up. A zipper tie makes it possible to get dressed within just seconds instead of battling with the knot of a regular tie. However, many men ask the question: are zipper ties professional?

In general, yes, a zipper tie is a professional item of clothing, and there is no reason why it can’t be worn every day for work. In fact, for those that struggle to tie a clean-looking necktie knot, a zipper tie might actually be the more professional option.

To be honest, when you wear a zipper tie to work, there’s no reason for anyone else to know about it. As long as you keep the zipper mechanism showing, you should be good to go. oh, and if you are going to take it off, you may want to hide it from your colleagues so as not to appear sloppy or lazy.

Today we are going to learn all about zipper ties and their benefits to men in the workplace.

What Is A Zipper Tie?

If you’ve never heard of or seen a zipper tie before, you are about to discover a life-changing accessory for work and formal events. So, what is a zipper tie?

In short, a zipper tie is a permanently-tied necktie with an adjustable zipper mechanism that allows you to slip the tie on and off with ease. When worn properly, a zipper ties is both a stylish alternative to a traditional necktie, as well as a time-saving fashion innovation.

In other words, zipper ties (often referred to as “zip ties”) make putting on a tie quick and easy.

You’ll no longer spend time fighting with your tie in the mirror, trying to even-out your knot. Instead, you’ll be able to put on your tie and fit it to your neck in a matter of a few seconds.

A zipper tie is suitable for men of all ages, though they are often worn by schoolboys who struggle with ties.

The tie looks just like your regular tie and is made of the same material. However, on the back of the tie, you’ll find a zipper running the length of the tie. This allows you to fit the tie to your neck, yet it is hidden flat against your shirt once secured.

To put on your zipper tie, all you have to do is unzip the tie, put it over your neck, and then zip it to close.

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Zipper Tie?

The biggest advantage of using a zipper tie is its time-saving ability.

So many men struggle with ties their whole life, and especially if you are planning to take it on and off during the day, it can end up looking unprofessional.

Additionally, men often find their knot is too tight to their neck or too loose. Ties are one of the worst accessories for men, so zipper ties can save time and effort for years to come.

Zipper ties are much more durable, as they don’t need to be re-tied each day in a different position–which can cause wear and tear to the material over time.

Therefore, it will hold the shape of the tie much better.

However, over time, opening and closing the zipper tie may eventually shift the knot out of its perfect shape. At this point, the tie won’t hang straight, and you’ll likely have to replace the zipper tie.

You may find that zipper ties don’t come in as many colors and fun patterns as regular ties, as they are still not as commonly found in stores and online.

They also tend to come with a slightly higher price tag, purely due to their convenience factor.

However, as with any purchase, you’ll find that the time and hassle you save are well worth the added cost. Many men nowadays have replaced their whole tie selection with zipper ties and wouldn’t even consider returning to their old tie collection again.

Are Zipper Ties Suitable For Professional Settings?

There is absolutely no reason why a zipper tie can’t be used in a professional setting.

If you use this tie properly, no one will know the difference between this tie and a regular tie.

Of course, you will want to choose a professional pattern and color and good quality material. Paired with a crisp shirt and good quality jacket, no one will know the difference between your regular tie and a zipper tie.

Trouble occurs when you let the tie flap around the outside of your jacket, as you may reveal the zip on the back of the tie. While most men are aware of the existence of zipper ties nowadays, it’s not something more traditional individuals would expect a professional to use.

You may find more senior managers look down on you for your zipper tie, as they may think it’s associated with lazy individuals who weren’t brought up knowing how to secure their tie properly. However, that’s rarely the case nowadays and is only something to worry about in incredibly formal company environments.

If you do feel that your tie may be judged as unprofessional, ensure you don’t take it off in public during your workday or lunch break. When it’s hanging off the back of your office chair, it will be clear to anyone who passes that you use a zipper tie. Most individuals will probably compliment you for the smart time-saver you’ve invested in, so in this day and age, we think there’s very little to worry about when wearing a zipper tie to the office.

What Is The Best Color Of Zipper Tie To Wear To Work Each Day?

When it comes to choosing a tie for work, the color and design are far more important than the type of tie you are wearing. Opt for a neutral, single color, which will match the shirts and jackets in your wardrobe.

You’ll probably want to invest in a few different ties if you wear them to work every day, and our top recommendations are black, gray, and blue ties.

When in doubt, avoid novelty or heavily patterned ties. You are much better sticking to a single color or subtle pattern and not something that will attract attention for the wrong reasons.

A silk tie with a slight shine to it is our top pick for formal and work occasions and will be the perfect finishing touch for any outfit.

What Options Are There Instead Of Wearing A Zipper Tie?

If you don’t fancy the idea of wearing a zipper tie, there are a few options available to you. Of course, the main option would be to return to a traditional hand-tied necktie.

You’ll find regular ties come in the widest range of colors and designs and can be found in almost any menswear store. You can find a basic single color tie in stores for a very low cost, so it’s not a huge investment for your work wardrobe.

That said, when it comes to wearing a regular tie, it’s incredibly important to learn to tie it properly. There’s nothing quite like a poorly-knotted tie, to make you look immature and unprofessional.

If you still struggle with these ties, find a video tutorial online to follow and keep practicing until you can tie it without thinking.

Another option that is very popular with younger men and children is a clip-on tie. This is a necktie or bow tie that is permanently tied into a knot. You attach it to the front of your shirt by a clip, or some have a band that goes around your neck. You can also find similar ties that come on an elastic string to tie around your neck.

While these are great options for children, we don’t recommend clip-ons for adult men. In fact, if we had to choose between a zipper tie and a clip-on tie, we would recommend a zipper tie 100% of the time.

The Bottom Line

If you feel like you’re short of time each morning, or just hate struggling to create the perfect knot, a zipper tie is well worth the investment.

The only time where you may find this option isn’t suitable for work is if you work at a very traditional firm who have extremely strict dress codes.

While it’s likely that your boss and colleagues will never find out you are wearing a zipper tie, if they do, they may look down upon you for your fashion choice. In this day and age, this is extremely unlikely to happen, as more and more businesses aren’t even requiring a tie as part of their work uniform.

Ultimately, as long as you select an appropriate color and design, a zipper tie can make a fantastic, and time-saving, addition to your wardrobe.

So, are you going to invest in your first zipper tie? In our humble opionion, they’re a lifesaver for the modern man and they might just revolutionize your morning routine.

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