Are Clip-On Ties Unprofessional?

Are clip-on ties unprofessional? | Murston Co.

We’re all looking for ways to make getting ready for work in the morning quicker and easier. With so much going on every day in our lives, there are some fantastic products on the market today which can make getting dressed and looking professional an easier task. Clip-on ties are an option that’s available to anyone who struggles to put on a tie, so today we are going to try and answer the question: are clip-on ties unprofessional?

Ultimately, clip-on ties are not a good option for a professional. In general, they are viewed as a lazy alternative to learning how to tie your own tie, and will give a poor first impression if anyone realizes you are wearing one. Therefore, if you are looking to avoid seeming unprofessional, shy away from wearing one where possible.

On the other hand, some men really struggle to tie a tie neatly. When you don’t know how to make a neat knot, a clip-on tie may look far superior to a regular tie which is poorly secured. Today we will take a deeper dive into clip-on ties and when it would be appropriate to choose this option.

What Is A Clip-On Tie?

If you’ve never worn a clip-on tie before, you might be wondering what all of the fuss is about.

A clip-on tie is a necktie with a permanent knot and is attached to the front of your shirt with a clip. There are also bow-ties available in this style, and these are popular for people wearing a bow-tie for one-off occasions. They are sometimes secured by a hook and eye, which is found on a band that goes around to the back of your neck.

The clip-on tie was invented all the way back in 1928 in Iowa, so it’s a much older invention than you may think.

While an unknown inventor may have invented it at that time, it became more popular during the 1970s. The design was improved by Eastern Creative Industries Inc, who developed a clip-on tie similar to the ones on the market today.

This accessory has changed the way many men and boys around the world dress and is now commonly available around the world alongside regular ties and zipper ties.

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Why Would Someone Choose To Wear A Clip-On Tie?

There are many reasons why individuals choose to use a clip-on tie.

One of the most common reasons is that they simply don’t know how to tie a regular tie.

Others find that a standard tie is uncomfortable when working all day long and can become tight on their neck.

I’d even argue that, for some individuals, a clip-on tie is a safer choice. Security guards and police officers may have concerns about wearing a tie in case they are pulled or strangled by a necktie.

For people who struggle physically to tie a necktie, this is a much quicker and easier option each morning when getting ready for work or school.

When Is It Appropriate To Wear A Clip-On Tie?

A clip-on tie can be worn in any situation you would wear a regular tie; however, it’s not recommended to add this item into your everyday wardrobe unless you have a good reason to.

Clip-on ties are generally considered quite an immature and unprofessional option, and while they are suitable for boys, they aren’t a great look on a working man. Many men are quite opinionated on this topic, and especially if you work with more traditional bosses, a clip-on tie is something to steer clear of.

They’ll possibly judge you as being lazy or incompetent because you haven’t learned to tie a necktie.

Clip-on ties are most appropriate for individuals working in an industry that requires more consistency with your look.

They provide the perfect knot each time, so you and your colleagues will all look identical instead of having mismatched knots. The other time you’ll see clip-on ties commonly used are at weddings, proms, and special events.

These one-off events mean a lot of people wear ties that never usually do, so they are much more likely to go for an option that makes it quick and easy to get changed.

After all, when you are preparing for a special event and trying to look your best, the last thing you want is to be stressing about your tie’s appearance.

Why Should I Not Wear A Clip-On Tie To Work?

Unless you work in the industries we’ve discussed earlier, we highly suggest you avoid adding a clip-on tie to your wardrobe.

While times have changed and workplaces are more relaxed than ever before, it still creates a poor impression to go for the quick and easy option instead of spending two minutes tying your tie in the morning.

More traditional bosses may even question where else you cut corners in your life if you are willing to forfeit tying your necktie each day.

If you ever take your tie off at work in the day, this is another reason for avoiding clip-on ties like the plague.

Whether you are simply relaxing at your desk or heading out for lunch, the illusion of your smart appearance will be completely ruined by you unclipping your tie.

For anyone who does wear a clip-on tie, you’ll probably want to hide in the bathroom if you need to get undressed and keep the evidence of your tie out of sight. Another reason for avoiding clip-on ties is the lack of color and design options available. While you’ll find all of the classic neutral colors, if you like to enjoy more intricate patterns or fun designs, you’ll find your options are much more limited with clip-on ties.

What Is The Alternative To A Clip-On Tie?

The good news is that there are a couple of great alternatives to clip-on ties.

Naturally, our first recommendation would be to learn how to create the perfect knot in a classic tie.

Firstly, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment for learning to tie your tie after this many years. Secondly, you’ll also find the greatest range of products available to you.

Whether you are looking for a neat-looking tie for work, a snazzy tie for a family party, or a stylish tie for a wedding, you’ll have thousands of options available to you upon learning how to tie your tie. This is an invaluable skill to learn, and you can find some easy-to-follow online tutorials on YouTube.

Keep trying, and after a few weeks, you’ll find you can get ready in just a minute or so each morning.

However, if tying a tie is really not for you, and you’ve given up trying to learn, we recommend looking at zipper ties. These act as an in-between of a regular tie and a clip-on tie and are a slightly more professional option.

You’ll open the zip and then put it around your neck before zipping up the tie. The zip is hidden against your shirt, so you won’t have to worry about anyone seeing it if it’s tucked inside your jacket.

However, just like with clip-on ties, you’ll want to be careful if you need to take this off at work, as you may be judged for your laziness. You’ll find zipper ties come in a good range of colors, but there are still not quite as many options as regular ties.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, we recommend avoiding clip-on ties in the workplace, as they create an unprofessional and lazy first impression.

While these are a great tool for certain industries and individuals, they shouldn’t be relied on by everyone on a regular basis. Clip-on ties are best used by boys and those who rarely wear ties instead of becoming an item that’s worn every day with your work suit.

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